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Why were ALL the glitches patched in infected?

All of the "Glitches" is every map were aperantly patched which was very unnessasary  because in infected no matter what the infected would still be able to get people in most of the glitches. now i understand that patching the glitches that made you untouchable in every way needed to be patch but things like getting ontop of the helecopter on Bakaara were very unneccesary and should be reopened as not a glitch because some "glitches" are what people who camp for a little while use to get a little advantage, without that advantage people who will be getting less kills causing them to quit and go back to regular games. Now i hope you have seen my opinion in the major patching of every so called "Glitch" in Modern Warfare 3 and deside to fix them, Thank you.