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I have been extremely frustrated with MW3 lately because for every one win I get I then get 5 loses (SOME TIMES IN A ROW). For example, today I started with a win and lose record of 555 wins and 598 loses. I then proceeded to become 560 wins and 621 loses. I lost what felt like 10 games in a row due to unfair pairs for the teams and placing me in games that are about to end with me on the losing end .It's not fair for a player who for instance just got into a match and the score is MY TEAM: 3500 OTHER TEAM: 7400 and when the other team gets that final kill I get a lose for it and the only thing I did was walk two inches. The game needs to STOP doing that. It's also not fair that when the match is cut short due to the host leaving or the server connection was lost, I get a lose and my team was winning. I purpose that when a player enters a match that player has to be in for certain amount of time of they don't get a win or lose and that if the game is cut short due to lose of host or lost sever connection, you don't get anything either.