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New Game Destroying Hack!


i was playing demo with Queen and Block saturday night and we were owning as usual. 


first round came to an end without any hassle and no one on the other team did anything unusual.


the start of the second round, we had to plant...a guy on the other team who was 12-10 called in an AH6 Overwatch and a Pavelow.




we was running around with a shotty in the first round and we took him out easily.


so basically, this guy can die as many times as he wanted but still got 12 kills and was still able to callin an Overwatch and a Pavelow without getting consecutive kills in a row.


it almost seems to me that people are using a support streak set up with assualt rewards.


we all turned off our wiis due to the nature of this unknown hack + we didnt want to find out what else he was capable of doing.



so i guess its not just me anymore.


more and more people are running into other hackers/glitchers using/exploiting this hacks/glitches to get assault killstreaks in support form.


this really needs to get fixed ASAP