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Things BO2 could have!


After owning an Xbox and Wii, I know Wii U will get the Bigger killstreaks(Chopper Gunner,etc..)

But there are some ideas I think the entire CoD Community could have. I want you to list your ideas below for Perks/Guns/Gamemodes/Maps/DLC content/and killstreaks.


New Perks: ???=No name for them.

???: Change stances faster(Prone,crouch,etc...)

??? Pro: Shoot while dolphin Diving(If it's in BO2!)


???: Bullets lose less damage over range

??? Pro: Increased Vehicle Damage


???: See placement of enemy killstreaks(UAV,Airstrike,Cobra)

??? Pro: See enemy carepackage markers and tell if carepackage is fake.


Guns:(I don't know alot about them so please correct if it is in BO, just a different name)



Smith and Wesson M76-SMG

Winchester Mdel 1912- Shotgun

Ithaca Model 37-Shotgun(Stakeout?)

Remington Model 870-Shotgun

L1A1 Self-Reloading Rifle-LMG

Cal .38 Special- Pistol



Nova Gas Airstrike-6,7, or 8 Killstreak


Leave Ideas Below