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So, those against dedicated servers need to SIT DOWN.


I just finished a couple games of Battlefield 3.  (No I'm not a big fan, just bought it 2 days ago because I was tiring of MW3)


Get this - I was somehow in a European Lobby against players from France and Germany.


There was no lag, no hitmarker issues, no player skipping... I didn't realize it until I checked out a few gamertags at the end of a 3 game session.  It was as smooth as the BEST connections I've gotten in MW3. (Which may or may not be a side effect of lag compensation.)


This seals it, dedicated servers or I'm not buying the next COD.  If Battlefield 3 and Gears of War 3 can manage servers, so can COD.  It's absolutely garbage, and we as fans and players deserve better at this point.  People need to wake up, and start talking with their wallet, because that's all they care about - stop buying their garbage - find another game to play next fall.  (Namely, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.  I'm very excited for that now, very.)


Seriously, I've got nearly 700 hours in COD in the past 3 years. I personally dislike EA, but their game is undoubtedly better in every fashion connection wise.

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