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Regarding lag comp.


So i pretty much havent played this game for a good while due to lag comp. Been reading alot that tweaking my router to lower my bandwith will help. Can anyone confirm if this is true or not? Im currently running a 70 down / 10 up connection, and if tweaking my router will help, what should i lower the speed to?

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    I would love to know if this is working for people too. I think my issue is that I'm just host 80% of the time, I always get a 13 count in and then watch every one connect, or if it host migrates I connect at 20 by myself then watch people connect and then the count jumps to 5 or 6 and the game starts up again. I'm so sick of being host and having all the frame rate droping and stuttering, I'm sick of being behind everyone else and loosing gunfights I know I should have won.

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    I have very low bandwidth, 6.5Meg down and only 0.7meg up and I get host ALL the time and am compensated for terribly.


    I have ascertained that it is due to my low latency connection (I can ping google.com in about 12ms) and this is mostly what the game sees as a good connection vs a bad connection. As a comparison, my friend has Internet service with SKY Broadband and for him to ping google take 1250ms! so although he pays for "premium" connection and has much larger badnwidth than me, as far as CoD goes he never gets host and so currently is benefitting from his poor latency due to lag comp)


    So, to summarise, throttling your router bandwidth is likely to do nothing but make the rest of your internet use suffer. What you could try is to ask you ISP to turn interleaving on your line if possibe (a form of error checking that increases latency - your ping times will double) as this will make your connection less attractive as host for Cod. The reason I haven't done this, is I play other games too and don't want to mess around with it just for this game.