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    If you want to have the upperhand in lag comp do what I have done. I us an old Linksys wireless g router, wifi both xbox and ps3, take them into the bedroom and play. It sucks that I can't use my pvr, but I don't have to yell at the tv about shooting a f*n guy 30 times in his back and still dying.

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    It does need some fixing, when you are killed before the guy comes around the corner or the guy youre shooting at dies AFTER you reload, its a problem.

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    Unfortunately I can't work out how to quote text on my iPad, sorry for that.


    Dr killing - what you are asking for is exactly how the game already works - you play against people with a similar ping to the host as you. Broadband speed is irrelevant in online gaming, ping and line quality are all that matter. Lag compensation is there to further equalise these ping times, to try and bring every player in the lobby to within a few ms of each other.


    Unfortunately something isn't quite right with how it's implemented, some people are a certain amount of ms out with everyone else. This isn't based on speed, faster connections are not the only ones being 'punished' by this. Everyone can be equally effected regardless of speed.


    Removing lag compensation is definitely NOT the answer, then those with very low pings would constantly be upto a second ahead of others, not good!!

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    Im asking for the game to work!! lol.


    When I play at the moment im constantly waiting for the lag to happen, or trying to out think the lag ( impossible i know, but thats what its feels like)


    When all I should be worried about is the other team, its almost like your fighting two battles in every game lol.


    You get my point........

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    Rednecksniper39 wrote:


    jewz wrote:


    if i pay for faster internet, i deserve for it to be faster than people who do not pay for faster internet.

    That is where you are wrong. Everyone disserves a level playing field. They need to fix now though.

    @Rednecksniper - honestly you need to quit saying that until you meet the minimun requirements for Xbox Live. It's people like you that need to start following the rules instead of working around them.


    You've stated in different threads that you have a satellite connection which is NOT support by Microsoft.  Its connection like yours that is hurting everyone else.


    source: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live/connecting/performance


    Do not use satellite, 3G, or 4G phone type connections. These types of connections are not supported, and you are likely to experience slow game performance or have problems downloading or streaming content. For the best Xbox LIVE experience, an Internet service provider (ISP) with a high-speed cable or DSL connection is recommended.

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    why punish players with normal internet?


    Why should you have to pay big bucks for speed thats not even neeeded?...you should definatly have ZERO advantage over someone else just because you dont have the best of the best!


    its like clio cup racing....all cars are the same so its the better driver that wins...simples....


    (and who really has dail up now-a-days? noone because its impossible to run dail up on modern games)

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    go play BF3. While its a differnt type of gameplay, its still fun. Also its a lot easier to screw around in with jeeps and stuff. Plus after you do, you will realize just how lazy IW was with everything. That game sounds, looks, and plays amazingly. Plus you can see how not laggy games are with dedicated servers

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    you cant really compare BF3 and cod at a gameplay level. they both are going for a different style.

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    You should get what you paid for... Granted I was still beasting(or any other cheesy word) on people with 4Bar connections when I only had a 3mb connection at time, so its not like people who do have faster connections have this great advantage, you're wrong people who don't have great internet still have a chance.


    Will they still lose a gun fight here and there? Yes, but they can still do good.

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    Starcraft 2 only uses kbps.

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