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Have you guys played the new maps much?


I am just wondering cuz I have played each one maybe twice if that.  Most of the guys I play with dont have elite and even if they did I doubt we would go to a moshpit playlist with two maps.  They all plan on buying them when the option comes up.  The couple of times I played them I thought they were pretty good especially Liberation as I enjoy the more spread out maps.  Village is really the only spread out map on the game.  Interchange is somewhat but its narrow


.  I honestly wish the non elite members could get the maps at the same time or a week later.  At least my buddies would have them and they would pop up on the normal rotation.  Just curious how much you guys play them as it was really pointless for me to get them early.  Not t mention the low number playing them increases the lobby ping for me which sucks.