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Why do people dislike Nuketown?

Nuketown is the best map, hectic close quarter combat and campers beware! Random shotgun guys will come charging into the houses. Tomahawks flying, campers getting naded, ghost long range campers get owned up close. The map pretty much is awesome, and if your team is good you can easily take control of the map. But that's also bad because the other team is getting can't get past their house, but too bad for them! But unfortuantely I play solo so my team can suck pretty bad.

Good things about Nuketown:

Fast paced



Not much campers, ghost is pretty useless

Can use any gun, snipers, LMGs, subs, assault, shottys, pistols, specials, ANYTHING


Easy to get owned

People put on flak jacket, so now we can't C4 without some tryhard and his famas spraying for days!


Yes, Sorry for the long post