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Looking to join an X-Box 360 Elite Clan

I'm looking to join an Elite Clan. I have a very hectic schedule and play when I can. I don't have a regular playing time, but when I play I play to win. I'm Prestige 4 Lv. 48 with a 1.01K/D. I use a variety of weapons but am well versed in the MP7 and an avid user of the ACR. I DO have a mic. I'm open to all game modes, though I don't like respawn times and my main play types are TDM, KC and Domination. Hit me up, GT- DaeDaePhat ... I'm up for try-outs but may not be able to attend planned training sessions. All I ask is that the clan have a decent CT, I don't want to join a clan with an incredibly stupid name.

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    IconiK Gaming


    What we offer

    Active, friendly forums

    Organized Military Rank Structure

    Family Atmosphere


    Competitive Game Battles Teams

    Graphic Design Team

    Event Staff

    News Team

    Much more!!!!

    Join us NOW!!!!

    Joining IconiK Gaming is easy, go to www.iconik-gaming.com and register. When registering, be sure to put IG Phantom as your referrer. Once you have registered, message IG Phantom on the site or post the name you signed up with in this thread and we will get you set up.

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    We are the blitz clan and are looking for good players to join our clan.

    Our clan tag is BLTZ.

    We like to have a laugh alot and we play any game modes.

    hope to hear from ya


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    HaVoC is now recruiting new members for MW3 on PS3 and XBOX360. To join HaVoC you must be at least 16yrs old. Once you register and apply you will then be placed into an eval period. During this time you will play with some of our very best here at HaVoC.


    We are a close family and we look more for dedication and loyalty rather than K/D ratios. We love to win but its all about having fun!


    - Age Limit: 16+ (Waverable based on maturity)


    - Continent: Will take players from all over the world


    - Times we play: Someone is usually always on


    - Microphone: Not required to join, but it is perfered to have or to be getting one, Com is Key


    - Stat Requirements: None we want team players


    - Preferred Game Mode: Any


    - Who to contact: XBL GT: HavoC iGriZZly


    - Clan Website: havocgamingonline.com


    - GB team


    - Great advancement opportunities




    Any questions please PM or visit the site


    Hope to see you there!


    Thanks, HavoC iGriZZly


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      "True Talent is recruiting! We are a clan that was established in 2009, and at the moment has 400 members spread across multiple platforms(PC, Xbox 360, PS3), so whatever you play on, we can play with you! Ready to apply?? Need more info?? Go to our site at truetalentgaming.com We hope to see you on the battlefield! Refferal -xYABSx

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    " %OMOH% clan looking for LITHUANIAN AND RUSSIAN PLAYERS . must be 18 or over and have a skills .  MSG me  only LTU & RUS"