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CoD9 Treyarch's next game


This discussion was created for the purpose of discussing things we would like to see added, removed or changed in the next Treyarch Call of Duty, or as we'll refer to it for the purpose of this discussion Black Ops2 or CoD9. This page will also serve as an active source for all and any discussions I have created here or in the MW3 forms. I'll also be posting links to video discussions on related topics to those being discussed.


First off: I'll bullet point a few ideas of my own without going into too much detail, which I'll later do and link to a new thread.


Comment below: On whether you agree or disagree and any changes you would make to these generally points.

Features I'd like to keep, add or remove:


Perks or death streaks that modify: health/damage




All the perks that are currently in the series




Non lethal death streaks

New perks were possible

System which discounts spawn deaths (only for the person who is killed, not the killer)

More player control over kill-streaks

More variety in A.I streaks

Flare controls

Spawn protection (which disable once the player locks on to an enemy kill-streak)




Lethal death streaks

Lethal support streaks


If you would like to comment on my ideas or make some changes  on your personal view or even suggest your own; then leave it in the comments in a similar format to my own: keep, add, remove and do not add; also if you'd like to suggested a modification of mine or an existing idea then please head with Modify. If you want to include some details please do so by placing a short explanation in (brackets)






Main Tread/Source Page:



These are just some Ideas of my own which are still in development and everything is likely to change at some point and nothing is really set in stone.

If you would like to share some of your own ideas or thoughts on mine ideas, then leave me a comment or send me a Private message.

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    dead throne by the devil wears prada as a secret song for zombiesand better wall guns like the ak47 or the RPG. vehicles would also make an incredible upgrade to zombies also.

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      Hey sorry I didn't really specify multiplayer but this thread is aimed more towards that aspect of the game, rather than Zombies; though I should make a thread on this too, if you'd like to discuss and contribute ideas there instead, then I'll create my own thread for this topic.


      Other than that, any suggestions for multiplayer?

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    My suggestion for treyarch: A sniping only gametype in multiplayer. As in black ops, the had Core,Hardcore, DLC, etc. If they prefered this they should put this game type under that list and not under the list where it is team tac or ground war where you have to wait and choose the game types that you wouldn't want to play at the moment. You should be able to choose what gametype to play as followed. Second, limit damage to secondary pistols and such. Mainly because if they did this, people would go into matches just using pistols w/ scavenger and just obliterate everyone. No, I don't think so.

    Limit damage on pistols or take them out. Also, in this gametype, TAKE OUT THE KNIFE!!!! People will also come in and knife everyone too. Many people would use this gametype for montages and many people would give many good ratings because: People like to snipe. Everyone should. people have ar's and shotguns, and lmg's and smg's but no. People like me rage at everyone and try to get good kd's by sniping but always end up with the same thing. Ex. 1-10 Ex 2. 2-17 Get my drift? I would see this game as a revolutionary game anyways and i will still buy it but if this were to be put in and if treyarch would listen to me, This would be one awesome game. Thanks,

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      I suggest you go make your own thread on this subject; the comments aren't really the best place to disclose complex ideas, a thread would be more appropriate to discuss what you want to say in full. Thus the reason I suggested people simplify their responses to my thread into very general ideas and so far no-body is sticking to the actual topic, being: things you'd add, remove and keep.


      Though before you do make a thread; think very carefully about the implications of any feature you wish to be implemented and try wording it a little better; I got the gist but only just.


      Here's some issues you can mule over first:


      • Essentially you want to be able to have ranked custom game modes - correct


      • Have you thought that perhaps playlists aren't best way of doing this -


      • How would this fit into public lobby rotation -


      • If everyone has the power to create a personalized ranked match, who will fill yours -
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    take out death streaks all together, people should not be awarded for being terrible, and take out the support package, so combine support and assault and still have specialist

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    I'd like to see even more variety/options in playlists, like: a sniper only mode (just think how many times you get invites from people to join a "sniping lobby" online), an RC XD arcade type mode (if they bring the RC car back) where it's just RC cars battling/racing with customization options and unlocks for your car. Another new feature that'd be cool is customizable gun ammo.

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    Support simul view tech