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Problems starting Groundwar

Is anybody else in Canada having problems joining a match on Groundwar? It was working fine yesterday, now I can't join any games. All of the other Playlists work fine

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    Its all over the world, in Ireland there are no games in any mode apparently, its simply the result of using a badly designed patch to fix badly designed programming it will come and go, I had no game yesterday morn then got goin for a few hrs when it suddenly when bad again.


    Just a fact of life with MW3 I am afraid they must be well aware of it by now.

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    I am in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Groundwar = no games found,  TD/KC and any other playlists WORK but are very very limited to a small group of individuals, Lag Comp is the worst it has ever been, Playlist says over 240,000 users on line ( used to be over 500,000 in the evening, 50% have disappeared? I can only connect to oh i do not know, say 50 or 60 of them.


    Enjoy the 30 day wait for a "we hope this works" or "this should work" fix