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Rules of boosting

Can someone give the link to the rules on boosting?


Example. If someone has already been banned for boosting, and they continue to do so... What happends to them after their first offense?

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    Rule # 1 : Don't boost.


    Rule # 2 : (See Rule # 1.)






    Rule # 3 : If you got this far, have your parent's credit card ready to pay for another GamerTag after your account is reset & banned.

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      Thats funny

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      Thanks for the sarcasm. I'm asking because I've uploaded a video to YouTube, and I told him that he's going to get banned/deranked, and his response was "Not the first time it's happened."

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        Yes, I admit it: my cynical response was a knee-jerk reaction to boosters who might ask similar questions in an attempt to argue their way out of a ban/reset:


        "...but technically I wasn't boosting because the 'rules' say (yada yada yada) & that's not exactly what I was doing..."


        ...or "...it's not my fault they made the game with gaping holes in it like that & I shouldn't be punished if that's the way they made the game..."


        ...or "...2nd offense is just a 7-day ban & I'm going on vacation tomorrow anyway - so by the time I get back, my ban for boosting tonight will be over."




        Apologies if this does not apply to you (or to "your friend" who was caught on video boosting).



        Honest gamers shouldn't need 'rules' regarding boosting - it should simply be understood that it's not something one should do.


        Dishonest gamers shouldn't need 'rules' regarding boosting either - they should simply accept the natural consequences that come with dishonest gaming.



        Here are the "official rules:"


        "Modern Warfare 3 Online Code of Conduct (How to Get Banned)"

        by FourZeroTwo :


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    first offense 2 day ban

    second offense 6day ban

    third offense should be a perma ban




    and operator-1


    great answer, bet you just read his first sentence or just wanted to be an smartass ?

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    Boosters know exactly what they are doing...



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    1st=2 day ban and reset 2nd 7 day ban and reset and removed from leader boards 3rd If your this stupid just snap the disk in half and f*$£ !! off you cheating C*%£ !! I think that is the message that pops up after 3rd time LOL

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      1st offence is a 2 day ban and a stat reset, 2nd offence is a 7 day ban with a stat reset, 3rd offence, im pretty sure is a permanent ban, only because I've reported the same people 3 times, they've been reset on all these occasions,, and their last reset was over 3weeks ago and they've not played a game. Either that or they've had enough and given up playing.

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    Yep 1st is 2 day rest and reset

    2nd is 7day and reset plus removed from leaderboards

    3rd is perma ban


    IMHO it should be


    1st is 7 day and reset and delete from leaderboards


    2nd .. good bye for ever.