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    A launcher that i use to spoof out campers..

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    lately i been killed by some duchbag with akimbos than with a typ95. Spray pray is there motto now with akimbos, no skill require.

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    it was a honest question .. but i googled it .. yeah this is my first cod game .. i have had a xbox and ps3 but i never thought i would get into these type games just would stick to madden/nba 2k .. but my cusin brought it over one day got hooked .. and so i bought my copy 6 weeks ago and i have only been on here since monday .. so yeah noob tube is the grenade attacthment .. but i will say i see alot of people use it and some use it pretty well ..

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    yeah it is annoying to be gunned down by those akimbos .. as it just feels like they have range and are crazy accurate but what can you do .. i guess just kill them while they are shooting someone else up .. to me i think that is the reason you have to camp is because you got guys running around shooting akimbos you dont stand a chance in that exchange .. but i hate "camping" cause there is no action .. i like to be in the mix .. as i have said before there is no rush like having your screen flashing red and to come out of it with 2 or 3 kills .. or running out of bullets and having to shank a guy who just turned the corner... its awesome .. god bless you ps3..

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    See, this is where the hypocrisy is coming in.


    People accuse other people who post complaints of "wanting everyone else to play the same way they do", yet with things like this, it is promoting the  same thing; everyone playing in the same way while trying to make it sound more "skilled" by saying they should because "it's in the game". There is really no difference. In the end, it's the same thing, people trying to get others to play the same way.

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    I have done that many times and gotten good at it now. I be out of bullets and screen red, trying to find a dead body with a gun that isnt a sniper, and load be hold find a corner camper and knife him in the back and steal is gun, 10 seconds later, shot him with his own gun and get xp bonus.. now that is freakin funny.. o the 3 sec of WTF during that match on him..

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    MR_OnyYX_ wrote:


    I'm sure you have heard kids whining about OP'd weapons and whatnot, and your comeback is 'It's in the game, it's good, and it's being used for this purpose.' To some extent, anyway.


    My argument is this - I agree completely in this aspect, why not use a weapon/attatchment/perk etc. that is obviously better than the competition? Why does everyone else agree? It's in the GAME. It's not a hack, it's not cheating. Agreed? Good.


    My Question is this - If this is so largely an agreed topic, then why is this so largely debated? The Prestige Token glitch. Something that was (mistakenly or not) added to the game. Everyone had access to this, so why was it looked down upon? It's in the game and able to be used by anyone who is everyone, just like the MP7/Assassin Pro/Quickscoping, no?


    Discuss. But remember to have fun.


    My motto:


    Every weapon is valid. Anything that kills them and not you is smart.

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    MrAnd3r5on wrote:


    If you use anything that's banned in competitive play you are a scrub.  It's funny when someone claims their good when they walk around with maxed out launchers.  I really don't care what you use it's part of the game, but if you walk around with tube/rpg/claymore etc you are really not that good.  I really don't care what you use cause I will own you either way without sinking to your level, just don't think your the best around when you wouldn't make it through a match in the competitive world without your kiddie launchers.  And to those saying x wep is too strong, ONE WEAPON WILL ALWAYS BE STRONGER THAN ANY OTHER.  Unless they are all equal, this is the way it's going to remain.  Quit crying about getting owned and work on your own game.


    Dude are you for real, I hate MLG more than prestige token glitchers.  You can't play the game the way it's created and have to have it made to make yourselves look good **** off.  But yeah the prestige token glitch is an exploit the developers overlooked and had to ban to even the odd.  I don't care about guns or tactics you payed for the game so enjoy.

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    war is not fair .. dont expect a game about war to be fair either .. do you think when they issue the guns to soilders they say oh well we have to make sure to make it fair for the enemy soilders ... get over it .. it would be one thing if someone found a way to get a gun no one else could have .. but if soemone uses a acr/mp7 .. so the f what ..

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    If it's in the game and it works why not use it? N00b tubes where so widely used because they were so effective and the people using them knew it was effective. It's the game's fault.