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  • 240. Re: Petition to buff AA-12: More reserve ammo and bigger magazine

    Also, why are PP90 users able to spray from the hip and kill people just as effectively as the AA12 can without any consequences? Why should the AA12 get the short end of the stick?

  • 241. Re: Petition to buff AA-12: More reserve ammo and bigger magazine

    weaponbalance wrote:


    Also, why are PP90 users able to spray from the hip and kill people just as effectively as the AA12 can without any consequences? Why should the AA12 get the short end of the stick?

    I couldn't tell you how many times I've come around a corner, saw a guy, shot, Boom! Boom! Boo- Dead*. The killcam reveals that he hip sprayed 3 bullets into my chest before I could get off 3 of my own.


    My problem with this scenario is that it feels like people only need 3 shots to kill, unless if they shoot me in the head of course. Where as with the AA-12 and other shotguns, its not about X amount of bullets, but X amount of pellets landed per "shot".


    Throw in lag and the natural random pattern of a shotgun spread and what should've been a kill turns into something I thought was only in Gears of War, your bullets get sponged and they kill you before you ever got off the final shot.


    3 bullets from SMG's seems to me, borderline cheap, considering the following advantages over shotguns, yes the AA-12 too:


    - Better range

    - More ammo

    - Higher RoF
    - Better DPS

    - Little recoil


    So I guess the point to what I'm saying is the AA-12 is hardly overpowered, or could ever be considered one with it's current statistics. I think an ammo buff would be right in the middle, between two extremes, it helps those using it get more kills per life and it doesn't change the AA-12 acutal damage and range so it still very limited.

  • 242. Re: Petition to buff AA-12: More reserve ammo and bigger magazine

    Shotguns are close quarters weapons, SMGs are meant for short to medium range. Shotguns are not meant to be equal to SMG's. Shotguns should be outclassed by almost every other weapon in the game, that is how they work.


    People only want the aa-12 to have more ammo to make it more like the mw2 verison which was the noobiest shotgun ever made in the series. People only want more ammo for the AA-12 so they do not have to change their perks or how they want to use it. Instead they want the developers to buff it so it acts nearly the same as the mw2 versiond did. Because it is a skillless point and spray gun. It is nearly as bad as the FMG9's. With more ammo it would be the FMG9's on steroids.


    The AA-12 can kill in one shot every time at the right range unless they have a vest on then it takes two. Just people want to be able to spray it longer to get kills beyond that range insteading of changing their style of play when using the weapon. They want the developers to change the weapon to make it easier for them so they do not have to adapt to it instead, and that is just wrong on so many levels.


    People just want a nooby spray-pray easy to use shotgun like the mw2 aa-12 was. It was worse than the striker or the models in that game.


    People just do not want to change perks, they do not want to give up recon or blind eye, to hide from air support. So cry and whine that it needs more ammo, so they do not need to use the perk that was made to give more ammo and let spray-pray weapons be refilled easier. They want the gun buffed to suit them instead of having to learn to use the gun better and not just spraying the entire clip out every time they come across someone.


    That is why it has less ammo, to make a person not over spray, to make you stop and think and adapt and learn how to use it properly. But I guess none of you want to do that or can not understand that.


    Just beause it is full auto does not mean you are meant to spray it and empty the clip every damn time you come across someone. Which is probably what most do with it. So run out of ammo quickly because of this.


    It has less ammo then smgs' because smgs are smaller weapons and have smaller rounds that would realisticly weigh less then shotgun shells and take up less room to carry more than shotgun shells would.


    this game though most try ot call it just a arcade shooter does try to emulate some realism within the game to a limited degree.


    Other wise they might as well make every gun in the game carry 1000000 rounds so you never round out during the match... because the true arcade shooter hardly ever runs out of ammo. Unless it was special ammo.

  • 243. Re: Petition to buff AA-12: More reserve ammo and bigger magazine

    Um, the AA12 in mw2 did twice as much damage as the one in mw3, had further range AND it was a secondary. It sucks in mw3. Go and use the weapon for yourself and stop arguing the same points. The AA12 DOES NOT kill frequently in one shot, it SHOULD have an edge over smgs at close range, and giving it more ammo ISNT going to make it like dual FMGs. I dont see why you are so blind to all of these points. Oh, wait, your a troll. Please stop, its annoying.

  • 244. Re: Petition to buff AA-12: More reserve ammo and bigger magazine

    Its sad how bad the AA12 is...

    Although i know how you feel, if they buffed damage or range or something it wouldnt be your baby anymore, because more people would start to use it. An ammo buff isnt enough for people to actually want to use it, although it does make it a more practical weapon to use.

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    @weaponbalance, exactly! Besides that though, I figured "more ammo" was fair request considering the AA-12's high rof and mediocre kill-ability.


    The best way I can describe what using the AA-12 without scavenger is like, is think of the Mk.14 with the normal starting ammo, no scavenger, you still run out of ammo eventually but not after getting double digit kills. Now think of an ACR, with 8 bullets in the mag and 8 in reserve, 12/12 with extended mags. You can't tell me people wouldn't b*tch and moan about that despite the fact that the ACR has an advantage over the AA-12 in every way.


    Also, I just got offline and a couple of people using FMG's killed me from range before I could get hitmarkers, and I remember one time on Carbon, someone was rolling with the Stryker, he was 1HK'ing me before I was able to get hitmarkers, and that was pre-patch AA-12 using Range. I don't understand the phobia of giving some extra ammo, people surprise me everyday.

  • 246. Re: Petition to buff AA-12: More reserve ammo and bigger magazine

    Yep, trialstar makes it seem like extra reserve ammo is going to make it the best weapon in the game... The striker kills so much more effectlively than the AA12 yet it has all this extra ammunition, it isnt logical at all.

  • 247. Re: Petition:  More reserve ammo for AA-12

    It was likely just another sloppy copy/paste mistake they made without putting any thought into the fact that it is now a primary instead of a secondary. It made a little bit more sense back in MW2 when it was a secondary but when it is your main gun there is absolutely no reason why it would have such a small amount of ammo.

  • 248. Re: Petition:  More reserve ammo for AA-12

    I never considered that Mark, but you make a good point. Whether they meant to do that or not is irrelevant as far as I care, they should still address this and fix it.

  • 249. Re: Petition:  More reserve ammo for AA-12

    Every single time I decide to pick it up and give it another try, I always end up dropping it not too long after, even when using it ways like trialstar said.


    Sticking inside buildings and NOT auto-firing it all the time and such makes NO difference whatsoever, especially with all the SMG use there is. SMGs easily kill you with 3 individual bullets while it can take 2-3+ hits from the AA-12, even up close, to kill people and that's on a GOOD day with little to no lag inconsistency screwing with me.


    If you fire a shotgun at hit a person, full body, nearly point blank and they don't die, then unless the damage is truly REALLY low, which I  doubt, then something is very wrong, lag or otherwise.


    It's ironic. In real life, the AA-12 is one of the top shotguns in the world, Little to no recoil, very accurate with decent spreading with normal buckshot, effective range of up to 100 meters, and such, Yet that high power seems to made the devs SO paranoid about it that it's been made into one of the worst of ALL weapons in MW3. I mean, I may sound exaggerated, but I feel like I have more luck using non-Akimbo HANDGUNS (even the Desert Eagle) than I do the AA-12.

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