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Renegade Gaming- Recruiting for MW3 (XBOX 360)



First of all, we are a Non skill based Community, you don't have to try out to get in, and you do not have to change your name. We accept members 13+ and we do not allow modding or hacking!


What we offer:


Active, friendly Forum

Easy to navigate vBullitin Website

Organized Military Rank Structure

Respectable, Mature, fun people to Game with on All platforms

Highly Skilled Game battles Teams

Pro Sponsored MLG Teams

12 Well Active Battalions

Graphics and Design


News Team

Event Staff

Machinima Team

News Team


My Name is RGC Kreature, I joined RGC over a year ago and have been loving it every minute, if you are a mature gamer, hardcore or casual, this is the community for you. We are growing larger everyday on activity and membership. So there are a lot of good mature people here. I run multiple Battalions I deal with many different people, and their issues or help them with anything, I provide training to my Colonels, and the lower ranking members in my Regiment, so that they can eventually go far here and reap the rewards of being here. I guarantee you would like it here.


Come Join us! Register At http://www.renegadegaming.com/forum/index.php?referrerid=12341 After Registering, Put RGC Kreature RC As The referrer. After that send me a message on the site. Aslo do not post in the How to Join! Please just send me a pm so i know that you came from the Call of Duty Forums. If you have any questions, send me a PM or post in this thread.


RGC Kreature RC


Promo vid:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwCkRcJlKoU