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Black ops 2 killstreaks and perks (my style)



Killstreaks: Lets keep the support, specialist and assualt set up but change some things around. Firstly lets get rid of EMP and put stealth bomber, support juggernaut and escort airdrop in assualt. Secondly killstreaks arn't attach to different classes. Just like MW2 and black ops you choose 3 killstreaks before entering a game and no matter what class you use, you always have those 3 killstreaks. Support killstreaks can only be aquired once per game.



UAV - 5 kills

CUAV - 5 kills

Ballistics vest - 6 kills

Trap care package - 6 kills (doesn't count towards killstreak)

SAM turret - 6 kills

Recon drone - 7 kills

Remote turret - 9 kills

Advance UAV (MW3 style) - 12 kills



UAV - 4 kills

CUAV - 4 kills

Care package - 5 kills

Predator missile - 5 kills

Sentry gun - 6 kills

Precision airstrike - 6 kills

Attack heli - 7 kills

Advance UAV (Black ops style) - 8 kills

Stealth Bomber - 8 kills

Reaper - 9 kills

Pavelow - 10 kills

Attack dogs - 11 kills

AC-130 - 12 kills

Osprey Gunner - 15 kills


SPECIALIST (Still thinking on whether to still have an all perks option)

First perk - 2 kills

Second perk - 4 kills

Third perk - 6 kills

All perks  - 8 kills


Perk: Little combination between of Black ops and MW3 perks




Reg: Only primary and secondary ammo replenish

Pro: Lethal grenade replenish and start with extra mags


Reg: Run faster and longer

Pro: Climb obstacles faster


Reg: 1 less kill for aquire a killstreak

Pro: 2 assist count as a kill

Cold blooded

Reg: Immune to predators, helis and sentry guns

Pro: immune to Reapers, Ac-130s, pavelows and support UAVs


Reg: Explosives, stuns and flashes paint enemies red on the radar

Pro: Bullet damage paints enemies and last longer



Sleight of hand

Reg: Reload faster

Pro: Recover from equipment and grenade usage faster

Steady aim

Reg: Increases hip fire accuracy

Pro: Faster recovery from sprint


Reg: Aim down sights faster

Pro: Pick up and switch weapons fasters


Reg: Increase bullet penetration

Pro: Little to no flinch when being shot


Reg: 2 attachments for your gun

Pro: Secondary weapon can be given 2 attachments



Blast shield

Reg: Less damage from explosives

Pro: immune to stuns and flashes


Reg: Silent footsteps (see additional info for more details)

Pro: No falling damage

Sit rep

Reg: Enemy explosives would be highlighted

Pro: Start with one extra (semtex or frag only) and one extra (flash or stun only)


Reg: Able to identify enemies from a distance

Pro: Claymore and bouncing betty trigger delay

One man Army (You won't be able to switch to classes with a grenade launcher or with one man army)

Reg: Removes your secondary weapon. Be able to switch classes at any time.

Pro: Faster switching between classes



  • Just like battlefield you need to pull out your knife
  • Character footstep noises in details (depends on surface)
    • Standing w/o ninja =loud
    • Crouching w/o ninja =medium sound
    • Standing w/ ninja = very faint sound
    • Crouching w/ ninja =absolutely no sound
  • Lethals
    • Claymores
    • Frags
    • Semtex
    • Bouncing Betty (WAW style, however immune when prone)
    • C4
    • Throwing knife
  • Tacticals
    • Stun
    • Flash
    • EMP grenade
    • Tac insert
    • Trophy system
    • Scrambler
  • No Proficientcies



If you want anything changed or think somethink will work better or want info on something I didn't show than leave a comment.

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    There's nothing really wrong with your setup. I even like how cold blooded is only immune to Support UAVs, but you basically just took what was wrong with MW3 and fixed it. I think a lot of people feel CoD is getting stale. If it wasn't for the new playlists and strike packages, MW3 would have gotten old really fast. Things need to change to keep it fresh and your list isn't much of a change.

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    i like this but it sounds just like mw3. for one i hate support its over powerd and no fair to people that use assualt cuz when they actualy earn there streak the other team uses emp. support should only be available to a certain level.they need to add back nuke that ends the game thats attainable with kill streak kills not just gun kills. assualt killsteaks should be more controlable by the player to get them more involved,and also new ones should be added. i think it be cool if you could also upgrade killstreaks, like if you get 50 airstreaks you can upgrade them to bigger range or napalm, or maybe have assualt drone with more guns or difrent typ of grenades after getting the upgrade for it.this will cause people to be close with there killstreaks and open up a whole new level of gameply. speacilist people can have upgrades like new perks that no one can have put them. bring back the veterans owning the games not just the noobs with there support.

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    I really like everything you said but the bouncing betty should be world at war style. The black ops and mw3 advanced uav in one game but in different packages very good idea

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    Are support killstreaks worth it if you can aquire them once per game?

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    Strongly disagree with you with the killstreaks because that's all i read and care about. This is not going to be modern warfare 4 its going to be black ops 2 which is in a different time frame as modern warfare. The perks will be the same as in black ops with some new features.


    KILLSTREAKS   3)spy plane

                             4) care package

                             5)napalm or sentry gun

                             7)artillery strike waw style or attack heli

                             8)strafe run or B-52 or SR-71

                             9)Escort air drop 3 Chinooks escorted by 2 attack heli or personal air support OH-6

                            10)the chopper or gunship not controlled(works like the pave low but shoots                                     missiles also)    


                            15)gunship 3 flares

    I would like to see the attack heli not take up all the air space in the next black ops. Im not doing support i don't use it but it will probably be in the game under a new name with different point streaks. If they do the point streak should reset if you die 3 times in a row.                      

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    these ideas are just simply TERRIBLE!

    you copied everything from mw2 and mw3 and renamed a couple things here and there. there is nothing new or original here at all!!!

    this may aswell just be your alternative version of mw3!
    also, copying modern warfare´s style for black ops 2 is just plain wrong and disgusting. seriously uav, ac-130, pave low, predator missile, osprey gunner etc in black ops 2 :/ i don´t think so.

    if black ops 2 were set out in this style, the cod series would be forever ruined!


    you need to invent some new things and be creative.. don´t copy and paste (and rename).

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      thank you, your exactly right i kept seeing people agreeing with him and it was pissing me off.

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      I agree. Black ops 2 is a future game. It needs new pointstreaks. Some perks sound OK, but most are unbalanced. Someone said something about earning streaks too. If people need to get points all in one life, they will camp or end up camping when they are one of two points off the reward. If there was a system where streak count didn't reset upon death, camping would be pointless. Then you could give all air support less flares so it can be shot down easier. Which, as I see it, improves the game for everyone. Air suppprt is easier to get, so less campers or rage quitters, and easier to shoot down so less getting spawn trapped by killstreak rewards...

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    PLEASE READ, i love evry bit of the killstreak of things but i have a few ideas to make your character like you as posible. i think it would be cool if you can have options for how you want your character to pull out his gun/s, options on what he will say when he will say when he pulls out his claymore or reload his gun in different tones and languages. your team mates characters can argue when you get an assist or rescuter. because this is black ops wher creativity comes to life, i think it would be cool if you can create your own gun camo and titles, and on top of that, you can have save slots to save your finished emblems and camos with a system were you can have a camo show room and download other peoples camos to increase style on the battle fields. since the map NUKETOWN is the most loved map, could you keep it and make the middle house (red) accessable? i almost for got cold you even create your own sniper redicle and as a top prestige camo a pack a punch camo? or even have the camos chrome, blue, yellow, black and have a option glossy or matte.

  • Re: Black ops 2 killstreaks and perks (my style)

    i think this is stupid, cold blooded sounds dumb