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20th Prestige with a wallhack


Well, it's finally happened.  Last night, I saw my first, no questions about it, easily able to prove, hacker in MW3.  I've PM'd the info to Ban Candy, but I want to show it here too, in hopes that this game doesn't end up the way MW2 did.  The first thing I want to say to the admins here, I do not feel this is naming and shaming, not because I'm not actually mentioning the name, I'm only posting screenshots, but simply because it's not a real account! It's an account that isn't even gold! 


During a FFA game on Carbon a Gentleman came in with a phony gamertag (combined the name of a popular clan with the name of XBLPET Stepto and an IW clan tag).  He showed 20th prestige Level 1.  When you looked at his Elite account it showed 15th/L80 with 1 hour played!  (screenshots are below). 


As if all of that wasn't bad enough, he had a wallhack and/or aimbot.  No, this is not a lag issue, nor a witch hunt, this is 100% accurate!  He was fully lining people through walls, even from one elevation level though another.  Rather than render the video giving a singular point of view, I uploaded it to my online vault so Ban Candy can manuever the camera/view how she pleases. But if you guys really want to see it, I can render some clips.  All you really have to do is look at the screenshots below and his record on Elite from last night and it's glaringly obvious!


I truly hope this is not a start of an outbreak like MW2 had.  Of course, the biggest concern is that clearly this wouldn't have been a real account so how can they go about banning it? An IP ban probably wouldn't do any good.  Maybe a console ban, but is this a new way to get a JTag online?   I really truly hope this is an isolated incident!!!