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Australian Clan TwisTed InsiDes | Black Ops 2, MW3 | Lvl 35 | (Ps3)


TwiisTed InsiDes (~T|~) Recruitment!



Updated 26/10/12


Lvl 35 | 58 Members

Gold Clan Tag (~T|~)


Looking for players for Black Ops 2 & MW3. Once Black Ops 2 comes out we won't be playing much of MW3.





As you would have noticed, we are an Australian clan and it would make our's and your's experience a whole lot better if we were all in the same area. So everyone in Australia/New Zealand are very much welcome to apply for the clan.

For those not in these places it would be wise to seek a more local clan, it will benefit you more in the long run.



Clan Requirements:

   We are not looking for people who are hardcore and serious about achieving the best in Call of Duty. We are simply looking for people to make a great community within the clan. When chatting with members you may talk about anything you like, excluding pretty much anything stupid and things that others would feel uncomfortable about. We respect all members in our clan and help out wherever we can!


Other than that, there is one main requirement...


  • K/D above 1.0 - Some in our clan are either way over this requirement  others may be a lot lower. For the lower K/D players, we accept you to help you! We try our very best to help boost your K/D and teach you some techniques on how to play the game the way we play it.  

  • So if your K/D is lower than you would like and your willing to have an open mind on new ways to play the game, for all means please join our clan. We will try our very best to help you enjoy the game


Steps To Applying: 

  1. Please go to this link - https://profile.callofduty.com/elite/login
  2. Sign-up and/or login and enter the main elite page.
  3. In the top right corner search for (twisted insides) no brackets.
  4. If the clan doesn't show up please click on the large search bar and press either "Find Players and Clans" or "Find Clans and Clan Tags only"
  5. Once you've found the clan please hit apply and within a day you'll know if your in or not.


PSN: Wagzy69