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What is wrong with the M16A4?


I have lately been using it and found out it can have the same potential of the Type 95. Ive had many good games with it aswell. So why doesn't anybody use it?

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    I think they just wait to use the type 95, alot of people start out with the scar til the type 95 comes out then most switch from type 95 to acr when they unlock it.

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      I use it quite a bit and it is decent but not as good as the T95 unfortunately.  Its ROF being slower generally means it takes an extra burst then the 95 but it does have better iron sites and looks cool I think..


      I have had plenty of sessions where I run with it and do very well every game and being an American id much rather use the M16 then the T95.  I just wish it had a touch faster ROF. 

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    I think it's really lag inconsistency that hurts the M16A4 mostly.


    The advantages the Type 95 have primarily being damage at closer range, better rate of fire, and hipfire is much more effective.


    M16A4 is primarily meant for longer distances and still holds onto more damage doing so and being a bit more accurate than the Type 95 from my experience, so you can still take down people with a single burst to the chest (all 3 bullets hitting) when the Type 95 tends to take at least 2 unless you land Headshots, of course.


    Using it with the Specialist Killstreaks is probably the way to go, so you can get all the Proficiencies and Perks together, thus getting Quickdraw, Marksman, Stalker, and such along with Kick and all that.

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      Im going to switch my M16 class to specialist and give it a go.  I usually only run specialist on my 2 sub classes so I can run.  I play more tactical with the M16 but I can see marksman and stalker together being helpful.  I also dont run assasin on any classes so getting that sometimes would be nice haaa...

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    Ok dude just do to the fact that the type 95 does 55-20 damage (2 burst kill) Meaning That Its going to destroy anything that is in its "Advantage Spot" Which is in medium range. The type 95 is something that you can use assult strike package with because its powerfull with just a red dot sight by it self it doesn't even need rapid fire because a m16a4 with rapid fire is slighetly slower then a type 95 with out it!! See what i mean,Whats the point of useing a gun that you would have to devote a specalist strike package to and then unlock things for it (rapid fire)!

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      Whether you choose to use Specialist is up to you, but ANY weapon can benefit from it, not just the M16A4. Just saying that if you want "guarantees", then Specialist is the safest route because of the Specialist Bonus potential.

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    m16 has more of a side kick and is nowhere near like it use to be....t95 barely recoils and has a retarded rate of fire haha  t95>m16

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    I've seen people wipe my ass all over the map with it, so when I pick it up after killing them and try it out I fail. I used the M16 in BO all the time and had great success with it. It was my most used weapon and I had 2.0+ K/D. In this game I can't figure out what's wrong with it, I have no success at all, so I use the MK14

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    there's nothing wrong with the m16...its just the type 95 is strong.

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    Its a shell of what the type can do. Not no to use a gun that is completely inferior

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    M16A4 is still great for picking off guys from a distance. Sort of like the MK14 in that regard, but also capable of doing so with 1 single burst rather than multiple like the MK14 or Type 95, but sadly, that's mostly all it's good for unless you're lucky and/or move around a lot. Managed to get Triple Kills and even Multi-kills with it before in that respect like the Type 95.


    They should've made the M16A4 unique in, when choosing it, you can choose if you want the burst fire OR full auto and, depending on what you pick, the stats would shift around. Like the burst fire should be mostly the same, but maybe slight improvements in an area or two while full auto would lessen its accuracy, but increase  fire rate, making it like between the M4A1 and ACR 6.8 perhaps.

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    i don't like how the type 95 feels or works in this game. It fires to quick and does bad at close range compared to the M16. I myself use the m16a4 alot. It is amazing but of course you need to know how to use it. The m16 in this game sucks compared to the mw2 w/stopping power and cod4 one, but it still works. the way i use it is with steadyaimpro and quickdraw. It works amazing. It  does require two burst to get a kill sometimes but it is fast enough now to secure a kill at long to close ranges. the problem with the m16 is the delay between shots. If you know how to move while using the m16 you will have mastered it already. the idea is not to rush into battle but to sneak into it. Head on the m16 will lose to full auto weapons. One must learn to pick ones shots and know when to fire. Once you fire you have to deal with the delay time which is enough time to get one killed. I use the m16 with the iron sights btw and shotting targets from afar is not my style. I use it for medium and close range battles. I use the kick, focus, or fmj proficuencies. I use the suppressor, gl, rapidfire, or extended mags. I wish the devs would have made the a full auto attachment instead of rapidfire. Overall the gun is bad ass and more people should use it.

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    nothing is.  people just love the power of the type 95 which is crazy. anyway after the patch the m16 imo is better than the type 95 cos of lower recoil quicker reload and in most cases better iron sights. i think people use the t95 cos there is no skill required really. with the m16 you need to get used to it (like the ump). my friend got gold on the ump cos he got used to it and loved it.   anyway ive just started to use the m16 and its on weapon level 13. once u get used to it ITS A FREAKIN B3AST. it is probably the best all round weapon in the game after the acr and mp7.

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    If anything the M16 is actually better. Now, I know what you guys are gonna say "But the fire rate on the Type 95 is higher!". Yeah, last time I checked, that doesn't matter if the weapon it's going against has better range and damage at range. Secondly, fire rate doesn't mean a damn thing. In games like Battlefield 3 where most weapons of the same category do the same damage across all ranges, rate of fire will matter the most. But in a game like Call of Duty where guns kill in different shots at different ranges, power will matter more. So that slightly lower TTK isn't gonna matter when a weapon mantains higher damage for a longer range. TTK aka Time to Kill- The formula for finding how long it takes a gun to kill someone. The formula is d(s-1) where d is the delay between shots (60 divided by fire rate) and s is the amount of shots it takes to kill. So lets compare the Type 95 to the M16A4 shall we:



    Type 95= 55

    M16A4= 50

    The Type 95's slightly higher damage at close range only gives it an advantage in having more flinch, but that's it.


    Fire Rate/TTK (Close Range)

    Type 95= 1000RPM & 0.060 TTK

    M16A4= 895RPM & 0.067 TTK

    Even though the Type 95 has a higher RPM, It doesn't really matter that much. It takes an estimated 300RPM to make an actual difference difference in TTK, so if anything they're evenly matched here (also keep in mind that Rapid Fire affects the M16 more than the T95)


    Range/Effective range of 2 hit kill

    Type 95= 20m-50m/ 24m

    M16A4= 25m-50m/ 25m

    This is partly a reason as to why I think the M16A4 is better. As it has a slightly farther 2 hit kill range, it is more consistent



    The M16A4 is better than the Type 95 in most situations. There are more stats that I haven't posted that can prove this even further e.g. Reloads, Swap Times,Hip Spread, Center Speed, etc. The only areas that the Type 95 excell in over the M16A4 are damage at close range and fire rate (TTK) and recoil profile (it kicks less than the M16A4, but recenters slower).