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Clan screwed me out of 500 clan XP !


I am not gonna say the name of the clan to avoid any bad thoughts of the other members of the clan. So last night while playing I received multipul invites to join a clan. Now I have my own clan, it was just me and a friend for now but we had 1000XP and were going to start looking for members. Anyway, I sent my friend a text and said this clan wanted me to join and if i did i would ask if he could join so we would be leveled up and have friends to play with. he was cool with that so I quit our clan and joined. I get home tonight and notice I was removed from the clan. this totally pisses me off! I'm sure they only wanted my XP and since I didn't have any, they booted me. This is apperantly going on with a lot more clans and I think IW or Elite should step in. How is it fair to invite someone and immediatly delete them because you don;t have the XP they wanted?  So .... i started a new clan with a veration of their name.  the clan is New World Power.   The (period) at the end is part of the name So ANYONE who would like to join so we can level up to get the cool badges and compete in clan ops feel free to send me your gamer ID and i will send you an invite. K/D ratio is not a factor. i don't care if you suck, if your the best, if you have a mic or not. And i will not boot you out no matter what. No rules at all!