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Why not go for bomb defuse on SnD?


I always see people doin this. I go for it no matter what (last one left situation) especially if time is about out, even if there is like two people shootin at me. The way I see it is you never know, one might run into a claymore and the other might not have the angle to shoot you in time. I will sprint in the wide open thru the middle of the map if I have to. I can always tell when a dude isnt goin to go for the bomb to cause they'll usually sit in the same spot for so long and then start to make their move with about 15 seconds left. And if they dont do that they are always at least so far away from the bomb not making their way in the bombs direction.



The other day I was the last one left (like 1 v 3 or somethin like that) and time was runnin out to defuse, got down to like 5 seconds left and people were shootin at me from inside the dome so I said screw it and went for a defuse to try to win the round by crazy chance. Well I actually about got it but got killed. Dude on my time was like wtf our dude went for the defuse and all this and that. I was like yeah cause in not a btch. It was go for the bomb and have a chance to win the round or not go for it and maybe get another kill or two and lose.