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The saddest thing about all this is that they read these post and don't do a dam thing about it. They sit back and know the problem yet, the front office (money hogs) refuses to change it because it costs money.


I am a business man with a 2 Bachelors and working on my Masters now. It is all about the money, in order to fix the problem they would have to pay more IT guys to fix something they thought was a good idea. Paying those IT guys is expensive and since the only money MW3 gets is sales and elite memberships, that money does not cover daily operating expenses. IT takes money to pay employees to keep the server up and running, it takes money to constantly update the elite website, it takes money to keep the power flowing to the servers, it takes money to keep those servers in an ALMOST freezing air conditioned room somewhere paying rent. All this is costing money on a monthly basis, yet COD 3 has no constant income to pay for all this. Remember they only got paid when the game got and membership got sold, that's $125 max for a one time deal. That money is long gone and now they have no way of making residual money to keep these servers going.


Example: War of Warcraft charges a monthly fee to play online, WHY? Because all those tech's and all those servers need to be running on a 24 hour basis. So WOW can pay all those employees because the charge the gamers every month to play.


Don't be surprised if COD will begin charging on a monthly basis for this elite stuff. Notice how the clan challenges have stopped. Why do you think it took 10 days to finally find out who won? They had to pay employees to research the information on the servers, which had an expense but it brought in no money to cover the expenses.


Notice how all the solo challenges are the same old thing over and over again just on a different date? Serious, how many times do I need to earn a RAMPAGING BEHEMOTH? They are just recycling the same old stuff, it cost money to pay employees to create more challenges, yet there is no money coming in on a residual basis to pay them.


Why not have most grenade kills & claymore kills and things like that as challenges to earn a different badge? Why? Because all those challenges need to be created by employees that need to be paid.


There you go everyone, I wonder if any of the "forum" tech's will read this and reply? In fact, I bet it will get removed because I am right. Everyone complains about them wasting time on stupid Friday Night Fight Videos, yet they still pushing them out! Why? We want more divested challenges, more clan challenges, more double XP time, not youtube videos on how I should customize my M16!! It's my M16, I will customize it how I like to not after your "pro" did a video on it.


Want more people playing? Add these ideas:


Clan Challenges that allow "betting" on clan XP...that way clans can duke it out for real XP!


If a player reaches the max prestige level he should be GIVEN th efollowing RIGHTS he EARNED: FULL CUSTOMIZATION!!!!


1. Allow any perk to be placed anywhere

2. Allow any kill streak to be used from support, assault, specialist

3. Allow 2 attachments on any weapon

4. Allow any 2 proficiency on any weapon



Think about it COD people, all the time put in to reach the max level and all I get is a title? Let me customize, I put in the work and support your product all we ask is for a NICE REWARD. In the future make that weapon be able to transfer over to another COD.