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    That's 6 of them.  Maybe the others don't bother me because I see so many akimbo FMG9 users.  Type 95 definitely.  Striker is not as bad now though sometimes it seems OP.  MP7 and PP90M1 never bothered me though PP90M1 seems to be used as much as the Famas.


    I guess I would have to pick up a someone's gun to see if they have rapid fire on it.

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    Those are the 7, and frankly, I don't disagree, maybe save the Striker. It is still annoying, but can be beat. The only ones I thing are truly in the top 3 are Akimbo, Type95, and MP7. Other than that, the others are just annoying as a left nut.

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    So I guess its okay if I use FMG9 with damage because its in the game, its part of the game, and because its part of the game, I can use it.





    ALL of the machine pistols are more powerful than most of the SMGs. How is that not unbalanced?

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    If you say so Mr.Padiego.

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    I only counted 6 in your post.  Maybe i'm dislexic right now but I only see 6 weapons listed there. 


    I've heard the MP7 was annoying.  I don't see it enough to tell.  I'll look out for it now.


    For me akimbo is so bad that it makes everything else seem ok. 

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    Only 6. I am forgetting one. Maybe RSASS or Barret, as they are highly spammable. I like RSASS as a non-spam sniper. Fun gun to use.

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    Your only saying MP7 coz we are at the time of year where people have stopped prestiging, its becoming more used as its only unlocked at 77. The better guns should be unlocked late in the game. The type 95/striker/p90 suck for me. The p990m1 is ok for me, but I dont like using it, I love the MP7 , its suits my style. Its not OP, its a decent high level gun, and you earn the right to use it , you have to know how to use it to get the best out of it.


    The ONLY OP gun in the game is the FMGS - FACT. This kills anything in 20yds without even looking at the tv screen

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    no no no beastblood, you earned the right to use akimbo FMG9s because you worked for it

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    Nah, it's the M60! 

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    Sorry Beast, but MP7 is up there. High RoF, strong bullet damage, very little recoil, and very effective at long distances. I get outgunned across the map by it when I shoot first with an LMG and get 3 hitmarkers. Its too good.