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Why Has This Not Been A Thread?

So I've seen quite a few threads on the topic of 'I have recently prestiged and am always getting killed until I get my MP7, Assassin Pro, blah blah blah' and I can't help buy wonder... Why does no one just play Infected until the desired level? I always played it until level 20 when I would get the Specialist Killstreak, and then play FFA where I win 99% of the time. Granted, not everyone can win FFA as often, but you still get a crap-load of XP for playing, let alone the huge amount for challenges for Perks, and Specialist perks, and when you get the Specialist Killstreak bonus of double XP... Just sayin'... How do you think I got to 10th Prestige in right over 6 days?


You're welcome.