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Looking for Founders or Premium/Non Members To Join My Clan(Ps3)


TwiisTed_InsiDes (~TI~) Recruitment!


  • Lvl 5. 7 premium members, 5 founders.
  • Looking for Premium members who are active online/Can play in Clan Ops.
  • Our age group is around 16-17 Boys/Girls
  • K/D ratio preferably over 1.0 and a mic is not compulsary.



Feel free to add me Wagzy69 and ask to join or leave your psn name and ill add you to the clan or just leave a comment on the clan page.


Our clan is mainly from Australia so i would prefer Australian or NewZelanders to join.


Link to Elite Clan pagehttps://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/179250


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