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Game crashing cheat found! Beaware!

This is a very serious problem I've came across during my MW3 Multiplayer game play. I am not trolling or reporting to some kind of false accusations.

I was playing with my friend last night and I came across a player who was halo. There was no bullet registration on that player. At first I thought it was lag, but then I felt it was too weird to happen and lag took too long. About a minute after I watched the replay, my game crashed. I came into a funzy blue screen with a message saying something like "You got owned by MW3 Chaos, get the cheat here link".


Fortunately I've got this frapped, so I was able to upload it on Youtube. See link below.


The player in case does not exist in Steam  because there was no one with that name.


Personally, I think this is a very serious issue that IW or Sledge Hammer must fix. How is possible that we paid for a game that can be crashed by others? Wouldn't that consider a broken product?


I personally do not want someone other than myself to break MY OWN computer. If people sue Activision based with this, Activision will lose.

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    Good dissusion, Seen alot of this with M.W. 2 . Crashed alot of times playing Cod multi players , but my Alienware keeps fighting.

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      This is what we up against from now on.


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        So Basically MW3 CHAOS List of Features


        1. Become a complete **** in 10 minutes

        2. Lose all respect from fellow gamers instantly

        3. Seriously inflate your ego to dangerous levels

        4. Guaranteed you will never get a life



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          LOL! Pretty much!


          But think how much we have to suffer to deal with a complete d-bag that uses that cheat. It'd be a complete disaster.


          On top of that, we can't even report the player because it does not exist.

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            Out of curiosity, I have just been watching some videos of hackers using aimbots.


            What a complete waste of time - there's no fun in that, you just run around getting kill after kill with no excitement or surprise, there is no test of skill and no luck, your victory in the game is inevitable, the aimbot gives you so much advantage that even awesome killstreaks like the AC-130 and Osprey Gunner are pityful in comparision.


            Well, string them hackers up by the gonads I say!

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              looks like to me they should make the game not work with Aero Theme. What REALLY makes them rage is when they are cheating their arses off and you are still beating them:) We had that last night. Purdy soon he started with the lag switch and that didn't help, then the game crashed:))))) These people are sick... really, mentally and emotionally unstable. You can't fix them or understand their motivation.

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    Well someone had to get some footage, good job on that.


    If your  going to play this game and don't want that to happen, the best thing to do is immediately leave any hacked lobby's/modified servers or any server with an obvious cheater who may be using this hack. Yes it's a broken game & i doubt it's going to get fixed.

    It seems These hack makers are on a warpath for mw3's blood. Server crash tools? Seriously? It's one thing to create a cheat but these types of crash hacks are pathetic.


    The question is Why is this game so hated & hacked to shreds in every which way by it's own community?  It's not even about creating a cheat & faking that your a better player anymore, Now it's crash tools? How seriously sad.

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    I think if I had a product that had made me billions, and there was a pack of losers like xgamingstudio.com out there ruining my product, making a mockery of me, my company and abusing my loyal customers... I'd spend a significant amount of money making an example of them, first in the courts, then if nothing else, hire a private IP-eye and some mercenaries I don't know which are the biggest losers, the hackers or IW, SH or Activision

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      Goes back to the cry for the ability to run ranked dedicated servers - either global or community-based.


      Unranked is fine, but for many players (like me) there is not enough to go for in an unranked game -  I like the process of leveling-up and prestige - it adds extra dimension to the game and makes the multiplayer experience more enjoyable (in my opinion)


      Perhaps when I've reached the maximum prestige, I will switch to (reputable) unranked dedicated servers as there will be nothing much left to do in the ranked games.