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I've been Prestige 15 for 3 hours now..


So I just hit Prestige 15 last night and it's still giving me the option to prestige (the Prestige Mode action is still there, unlocked after Commander) - I'm guessing once I hit Commander it will unlock giving me the ability to prestige again. Now what I want to know is, is this a bug or will this actually make me Prestige 16? I know there are another 5 prestiges upcoming, but as far as I know we only have Prestiges 11-15 right now.


I tried to get in contact with Robert Bowling but no response, maybe some of you have actually tried it and can tell me what's going on.. I don't want to wreck my prestiging from doing it too early. Probably might be best to just stay at Prestige 15 Level 80 for now and not go into the next prestige at all.