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Will you be renewing elite?


Hi this isn't  a moan as such, well it's not meant to be more to just gauge the community

I love mw3 and pre ordered the hardened and joined elite day 1 so to speak.

We used to have a clan on mw2 and bought all the dlc so when I heard elite was catering for clans and dlc was thrown in I thought lovely.

I'm not crazy mad about it all just disappointed

But with the map packs not being available(yet) for hc domination(only mode I play)

Clan ops has been a disaster really

Stats I can live without

By the time all these are fixed, blops 2 will be release and no one will care for mw2

Just saying that u know what maybe I should of kept my cash for a year lol

I won't be renewing elite I fear I fell for the hype lol

What do y'all think

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