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Other ways to block people?


I joined a lobby last night, and some random kid would not leave me alone. I kicked his ass one game, and basically it was non stop messages asking to be in my clan, asking me what class set up I was using and endless game invites. I added him to the "ignore list" and I went on my PS3 about 20 minutes ago and hes still spamming the crap out of me.


So far:

A freind request

18 messages asking to be in my clan

12 messages asking to party up

11 messages asking about the class set up

45 game invites


Normally that ignore list thing stops the spamming, the number just keeps rising, and I ended up just turning off my PS3 because it was that annoying. Is there anyother way I can make sure this kid stops spamming me? Its getting to be really aggrivating, and for whatever reason adding him to my ignore list is not working..PLEASE HELP!!!!