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  • 10. Re: do you hate campers?

    I think it's funny when someone thinks you stole their kill. You couldn't finish the job, so I came in and cleaned up your mess. I potentially saved you and more importantly myself from an unnecessary death. The guy is dead and that's all that's important.

  • 11. Re: do you hate campers?

    Define camping. If you mean someone who stays in a corner by a door or teams who camp and defend choke points at their spawn, yes. If you mean players that kill their opponent outside those akimbo effective firing ranges, no.

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    I don't hate campers/snipers. If that's the playstyle that works for them then why should i let it bother me. it's up to me to keep my eyes open and do my best not to be killed by them. There are as many playstyles as there are ppl on this game so you should get use to them all or stop playing.

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    No, I do not dislike campers and for those of you wondering here is why:

    People nowadays commonly mistake camping for sitting in a corner. This is completely incorrect.

    Now here is the correct definition of camping:

    Camping is controlling a specific area for a STRATEGIC advantage. What people seem to do is not camping, but sitting in a corner. Sitting in a corner is not strategic, henceforth not camping. I do not play Call of Duty that much anymore but I still understand how it works, I also try the new maps when they are available. (VIA Elite, I own a PS3, not an Xbox 360, do I think one is better than the other? No. Why? Because it is a matter of personal preference.)

    I also do not dislike Snipers either, as they are not supposed to run and gun. (Quickscoping and No scoping, I have no problem with this in CoD, but any other FPS stay out of if you are going to do this.)

    I do however have a problem with people sitting in corners, but I only despise those who do not play the objective, no matter the game including Unreal, Call of Duty and Battlefield. (As for FFA and TDM, this is a different matter, since kills is what get wins in this mode; as for objective based modes they do nothing more than get rid of a problem VERY temporarily.)

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    I love campers.. gives a brilliant way of getting your T.K skills up.. or if your really feeling the need C4 them.. they wont last long in a corner then if they keep going back... even better..

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    Another fun thing to do is sneak up brhind a camper call their name out over mic say click boom and shoot them in the Butt...

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    Be honest, Are you a little kid??? What was the point in making this Thread?

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    You hate campers because they kill you. You're narrow minded so you don't fully understand what they do for you and the team. I'll be nice and let you in on some information.


    That camper you hate, he defends objectives, gives you a safe place to spawn, and if you're luck enough takes over half the map forcing the enemy into a corner where you can run into SMG/MP's a blazing and get your 1337 multikills.


    Campers do more than just sit in one spot. They move, think beyond what your little mind can comprehend, and change game.


    What you see on killcam is way different than what a camper really does. Killcam is nothing but the few seconds of waiting the do when your oblivious ass barrels through their awaiting ambush

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    Why would I hate myself???

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    i hate when my cuz comes over cause they we have to do split screen and to me it is hard play splitscreen ..

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