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    The K/D does not matter.There are a couple of thins to look to determine what the game is going to be like. A- Is the high k/d in a full squad? B- What is the w/l? C- How much timein the game? Someone alone with a high k/d means nothing. But if you are running solo and run into a full squad with good w/l and good k/d's than you can 9 times out of 10 expect to get you ass handed to you. Usually in the form of locking down your spawn and covering locations with call outs as to secure a win for there team.

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    I play anyone and talk trash to everyone (except my clan)


    we will play anyone for reasons as follows.


    Two nights ago I join a game with my clan it was Kill Confirmed.... we weren't ready for a bunch of try hards but the other team was also a clan.


    we only had 3-4 of our members to their 6. So you we had 3 randoms ><


    they destroyed us and then laughed at us in the lobby score was like 7500 - 3900.


    one of their players were top 1200 in the world along with the others being prestige 12 and higher and they were high up on the leaderboards.


    Well I put on my tryhard-hat and got an ac-130 within 2 minutes on interchange.

    I went something like 30-7 we ended up destroying them 7500-3700.


    oh yeah and for the final kill to the best of them i flashed, ran up for teh final knife.


    you can imagine how good this feels. Never give up, if anything better players make you a better player.... KDR's are a laughable misguiding statistic.


    when someone is a 3.00 it doesn't say that each game they go 300 - 1 and they are crazy and don't camp... more realistically they probably camp or "camp guard" and area and go 11 - 3. to me thats not impressive.


    check out their Accolades if they are way up with a bunch of "longest lifes" they just play slow and careful and most likely camp.


    KDR's do not scare me. a clan with a plan does. that's why to compete you need a group of players that are not only decent but who create a plan to win and when you lose think of another plan for that situation.

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    kill confirmed hah *mistake* that was actually another night, I meant Domination.

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    High K/D in this game doesn't always mean anything.


    I was playing FFA a couple of hours ago on my lunch break and there were a couple of 2.5 K/D guys in the lobby running their mouths about how good they were and how bad everyone else is and how my K/D is a pittley 1.3.


    After a few minutes in the game they were both raging so bad about camper this and Type 95 that, drop shotting is for n00bs and on and on and then the guy dashboarded.  So ya I don't let it change how I play that much.


    Ya I'm so bad but a 1.30 guy makes a 2.5 guy rage quit.....man I love this game

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    Great insight. I recently joined a clan and it has made a huge difference for me, not just in terms of stats, but moreso in the flow and play of a match. Communication is such an important part and also enjoyable.


    When I play random, I don't check stats often. If I am going solo on MP and the other team is a clan however, I usually back out, at least now I do. Not for any other reason than I don't play enough currently to really be able to handle entire lobbies of frustration.


    Side note: My K/D is UP to .51. Horrible, I know. But it was sooo much worse. Anyhow, playing KC on Black Box the other day and a dude on the other team had a huge K/D ratio, 10th prestige. I took him out twice consecutively while patrolling near the construction house and again near the rubble. I hear through the screen "oh, he's just f***ing camping!" Camping where? On two opposing sides of the map? It's always an excuse when someone who is apparently very good at the game gets killed by a lower ranked player. I've heard people rage about the lag when I kill them (despite the fact they are laying prone with their back to me and I'm the one with 1 bar) and I've heard that I'm "soundwhoring", despite the fact I do not own Turtle Beach headgear and usually have a baby monitor humming in the background.

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    I played against the rank 7 guy on Capture the Flag and my team won I got like a 5 K/D and he went negative so I don't care what your stats say.

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    Only if your stuck with a team full of randoms with no mics trying to compete against 6 guys trying to just when... like HC HQ.. you need a full 6 or you will lose. I hate when theres teamates going 1-25 and even worse sometimes and you constantly have to shoot **** down and dont have time for the objective.

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    I like a good challenge . When I see full lobbies of clans or high KDRs, I will play once or twice to see how I do. If the randoms can't hang I'll bail though. Its like taking the GlobeTrotters to a pick-up game.


    IMHO seems very unsporting to clan up on pub matches repeatedly. However, when randoms crush a clan in pub match play, its quite fun.


    When my old Unreal Tournament '99 clan would go 'pub stomping' we would split up the team to keep it fair, and talk trash each other. Wayyy more fun & challenging. Love to see more of this.

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