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CoD Conspiracies!

Have you ever had those moments where you feel like the game is just out to screw you? It may sound crazy, but I genuinely believe that the game has a built in feature designed to take players performing well down a peg.


Now now, calm your big boy titties I'm not raging or yelling **** YOU ROBERT BOWLING. These are just observations I've made over my time playing this game.


Example 1 Hardhat: I join an ongoing game of CTF, the game decides to spawn me closer to the enemy flag than our flag. So I work my way to our flag (I defend) by the time I make it there I'm going 8 - 0. I cleared our flag and start setting up my defense (portable radar/claymore) I back up a bit and a barrel randomly blows up. The barrel was not even shot at! It just decided to blow up and kill me LOL


Example 2 Fallen: I'm going 16 - 2 when I decide to call in a care package. I tossed it a good 20 feet away from me while I watched the other side. The care package decides it wants to bounce in the opposite direction that it was dropped and kill me.


Example 3 Hardhat: This one happened yesterday. I was in the stair case building next to the tunnel, by the orange crane. I'm going 15 - 0 when the enemy calls in a predator missile that directly targets me and kills me. Not only does that area have a ceiling where you can't see the actual body from the air but my solo class has blind eye pro on it. When I watched the kill cam I had a red square showing through the ceiling. The guy hit the area in front of me and killed me. As I respawned I found myself facing the enemy carrying our flag with his escort and die before I can raise my gun. After that I respawn in the construction area at the bottom of the map and an enemies martyrdom had just finished rolling at me. This one is the reason I'm making this this thread xD it was just a WOW moment.


Example 4 Bakaraa: This is the most WTF death I've ever had. On this map when I spawn on the bottom side I blow up the car to the right side because I stand by it to defend our flag. No different this game. I kill a few people rushing our flag, end up 6 - 1 when I run into someone, he ducks behind cover so I prone behind the car to reload. The guy pops back up and starts shooting at the car, I'm assuming he's trying to get a bullet penetration kill but then the car blows up AGAIN! LOL I have no idea how that happened, but that car had already been blown up by me.


Share your stories?

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    The barrels and cars on every map are like proximity mines. If I get within kill distance, they blow up. I remember like the first week the game came out, after I died by them a couple times, thinking 'I wonder if they programmed them to blow up like that.' Then a week later my thought had changed to 'they definitely programmed them that way.'

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    Predator missiles too. I'm convinced that the enemies don't even control them anymore or that the square around my guy is 20 times the size of everybody elses.

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    Example 1 - I always just put one bullet in a barrel, they will then explode about 10 seconds later... Love getting random kills like that.


    Example 2 - I think those crates are sometimes made of rubber if they hit a slightly uneven surface...


    Example 3 - The stairwell in that building is open - NO ceiling!


    Example 4 - WTF! I have no explanation for that one!

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      Yeah I always do that too but didn't even know there was a barrel behind me in this area. I can't tell you how many times that "technique" has gotten me kills on Carbon. Enemies just run down the middle where I set off the barrels with one bullet.


      Open ceiling? Really? Hmm, well either way, I had blind eye pro on the class so the square shouldn't have showed. This was my first encounter with this "glitch". I thought the stair case had a cealing.

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    This game is about as fair as 3 card monty. And yes I think its rigged bad.

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    Here's a COD conspiracy.


    Say none of your team are using Blind Eye, does the Attack Helicopter or Pave Low attack the player at the top of the team's leaderboard the most?

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      I swear they do. I seem to always get targeted even when there's a teammate right next to me...

      Also I find that randomly spawning into an enemy claymore is pretty nasty.

      Or spawning into a barrel that blows up...

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      Before using Blind Eye I noticed that if I targeted air support with a stinger it would turn its attention to me but when I ran trying to get away it wouldn't even look my way.


      I don't know how choppers are programmed but it can seem fishy at times