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    loserkid70 wrote:

    Nobody plays WoW anymore..

    Nice try.......

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    Just spent the last half hour emptying clips just to get nailed with one bullet. I guess those cod guys dont give a f... about those issues. Their only concern, i guess, is to collect more elite membership sorry asses like me. MW3, you are just a disgrace to cod4.

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    sweatyclam wrote:


    BrokenBladez wrote:


    Everyones missing the point here, dedi's are possible and affordable, they will make a considerable dent in the profits for what might be a better experience.


    But MW2 played well without them, so the problem with the last two games are not that they are not on dedicated servers, but that they don't work properly and IW/Activision don't care.


    If MW2 works fine without dedi's then MW3 should as well, it's not a matter of wether dedi's are better or not.


    Yes, MW2 played "fine" without dedicated servers, but the last two haven't at all.  At this day and age should we be okay with "fine"?  Even MW2 was still at the mercy of a having a decent host.  Dedicated servers remove so many variables from matchmaking that make the game worse.  At this point... why don't you guys want them?


    Like, does Activision spending money bother you?  Does it affect your pocketbook?  I'm legitimately confused as to why anyone wouldn't want dedicated servers.  We should be demanding them.  It's also worth mentioning, that the more the game adds, the more these types of issues will be a problem. 


    I just dream of the day that COD runs smooth game in game out, when you die it's because you should have died, and frustration doesn't make me stop playing the game after an hour. 

    Maybe I have the wrong end of the stick here, but what I'm getting at is this game should run fine without dedi's, the fact it doesn't is not because of the P2P system, it's because it's a poorly coded game - what makes you think their dedicated servers will be any better.


    MW2 lagged - if your connection lagged you lagged, it did not give you an advantage.


    I would welcome dedi's on COD, if they're done right, but they don't magically eliminate lag, there will still be lag compensation.


    But this game needs fixing not dedi's........


    Where does this, "It must be their coding" herp derp come from?  For all we know they didn't change their previous code.  It could be the fact that they are now overworking our outdated Xbox's and the average internet connection with their current system.  This lag compensation and lag madness started when elite came into the picture - I highly doubt it's simply coincidence.


    Do I expect them to do it for ME? No, I expect them to do it for their community of millions.  It's the people who are willing to just accept the problems and not expect more that won't get it to happen.  You're free money to them.  Until they have strong enough feedback that this isn't acceptable for the largest selling franchise in history, or sales start dropping, I don't expect them to change anything.


    The fact that they will make ~800 million instead of 1 billion per game, (I'm low-balling these figures, they likely make much more) isn't an excuse.  We don't have to accept a game that's no longer fun because their system is broken.  That's my point, nothing will change if we as the consumer don't demand it.  They aren't going to spend money unless they have a reason to.


    mralpharogue wrote:


    I'm sitting down.







    What now?


    I wouldn't expect someone who doesn't even understand correct tenses of words to understand a metaphor.  You should move along, this conversation is to advanced for you.

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    Sir with that response they also have ten fold the money, how does that make any sense?

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    Brit s...., speak french, this is activision.

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