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Lunge Knifing

Im sure you've all had someone lunge knife you online robbing you of yet another killstreak, but did you know that Robert Bowling said that there is no lunge knifing in mw3?

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    yes, no more needs to be said here.

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    I believe he said there was no commando perk. In fact, in one of his tweets he said "I said no commando, and not 'no lunge' ".

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    Welcome to the wii, where there is 0 lunge, but h4x0rs galore, lag, and no support


    Your choice

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    The knife lunge isnt something thats programmed into the game on purpose to occur. Its something that happens because of lag. If it appears that an enemy lunges towards you for a knife kill, chances are your sprites were a little closer together than they actually appeared on your screen. You get a delayed sort of reaction which causes a lunge affect because you have a latency or lag.


    This is the same reason that causes people to kill you with one bullet. Its the same reason people are able to kill you AFTER you have taken cover behind a wall or gotten through the door. Its the same reason a lot of things in MW3 and CoD in general seem broken, LAG!

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    Yeah, the knifing in MW3 has amazing range.  Its like semi-commando.  This is so notciable in Infected.  Those knife lunges miss so much, but this game lags so bad it still registers a hit.  60 FPS my @$$

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    Lmao, FPS and lag are two different things.


    Anywho, yeah, didn't you know? Commando is back, just not in spirit. But damn, was it worse in MW2. It was twice the range of the "lunge" in MW3.


    However, knifing in this game seems to be incredibly inaccurate if you swipe someone's side...but if you knife a guy straight on, you'll charge toward him like usain bolt/michael myers. Anyone else see the problem with this picture? Shouldn't it be opposite?

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    its only a issue when the battle dont go your way i bet you dont go omg i should not have got that kill thats bs  you dont think twice and move on to your next kill.

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    It's annoying, but it isn't as bad as it was in Black Ops.

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    i think ur mistaken. Robert bowling NEVER said that. It was robert TROLLING who said that.

    U ppl should know by now, all these devs always lie to get ppl excited about product, never put it in, and make some excuse and finally give them a cheap 1min of double xp to make up for it.

    remember how he said "no more last stand!" well, he put in final stand, and probab made some excuse for that too

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      Sounds like our politicians.....

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      Another simple word loophole that people immediately assumed meant what they wanted to believe.


      He simply said, "No Last Stand". So what do they do? Change out one word ("Last" to "Final") and make it work differently (even worse than Last Stand was by allowing them to use their primary instead of instantly forced to use a handgun) and they can easily say that they did exactly what they said they'd do and there's nothing we can do about since, for all intents and purposes, they were telling the truth and we just took it the wrong way.


      Sad, but true...=\


      It would be completely different if they had actually shown a video demonstration of what it was supposed to do, only for the thing we have now to be much different from what they showed without ever informing anyone.