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Hey Pros,


This last week I have noticed that some of my Stinger missiles are missing their target by a mile...


I have over 2000 Stinger kills by a long way, so I know it's not my aim, timing, range, etc...


After a Stinger has locked on to a target there are only so many things that will cause a miss. Usually it's an obstacle, vehicle too close, someone beat you too it, or killstreak is finished and leaving the map...


Anyone else been getting this?


Also, lately sometimes I can't even get a lock on...

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    yea im getting the same thing here and there, i had a match last night where it took 4 stingers to take down 1 pave low, usually thats a 1 shot, then the next match someone got a osprey gunner again 4 or more stingers from multiple people.

    My guess is the lag comp thats making them miss

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    Yeah it used to be a guarunteed 1 shot kill to helis but now eveything seems more hit and miss - perhaps it has been hot fixed to be more random. Kinda annoying since people only bother to shoot stuff down when theres a weekly challenge for it.

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    YES. The only air support I have ever had any trouble getting down with the Stinger is the reaper, and that is mostly because finding it in the sky can take a sec. Over the past couple of days I have missed a pave low (never happens) an Osprey (which are usually too easy to hit), and a reaper (twice). I don't have a fraction of the amount of takedowns you do, but I like to think I am decent with the thing. And lately? No dice. Was wondering if I was just losing my touch, especially since I played awful last night.

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    imworking on getting a 1000 kills with the stinger but i raley get a hit anymore it just wont lock on or it misses i dunno why .

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    Yesterday, 3 stinger shots at an AC-130 and didn't even kill it.  It left the map as I was getting ready to fire a 4th.


    Recon drones: They tend to get away from them most of the time anyway.  Don't think that is broken. 


    No misses on UAV/CUAV/AUAV that I can think of.

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    I seriously doubt its the lag comp that's causing the miss. Even if the calculation is done on your side, there's more than enough time for the host to catch up and calculate a positive hit on an aircraft by the time the rocket would hit.


    Something else is going on.


    It feels like if your line of sight has any nearby obstacle at all, it's not going to lock on. But that's not always the case because a couple of times I've been in the wide open and it would not lock.


    In previous CODs if it did that you could come out of ADS then ADS again and no problem. However, I've bobbed in and out of ADS three or four times and still been unable to get a lock.


    I don't know if its because there are more targets available or if something else is going on, but it seems like this happens most often when the other team has a lot of air support coming in - and air support obtained by care packages.


    On the flip side of the coin, with this issue happening? Now's a great time to rack up Pavelow kills!!!

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    I've had this happen on a rare occasion. Last time was on mission, I was locked on every time but it took me 6 stingers to take out an attack helicopter. I'm not sure what causes this though.

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    in my experience, not getting a lock is usually caused by lag (the target is further along than where you're seeing)


    most of my misses occur when i'm still strafing while i fire

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    this may be slightly off topic here but...anyone ever killed an osprey gunner with a throwing knife?


    i used a TK on a chopper early on when the game was first released...let's say....end of november/ early december.


    it was on village and i was playing TDM.


    and yes, i've had stingers whiff heli's or take the scenic route before dropping UAV's.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, I thought I was going a bit doolally there for a bit...


    I run with Blind Eye Pro on several classes and seriously, I am happy with that until I miss my Scavenger Pro...


    If I run Scav up front then I have Blind Eye as the first or second earned perk via Specialist...


    That being said, it's obvious that a Stinger should do more damage than a gun right?


    Just lately I've found Choppers are coming down faster if I shoot at them with a gun...


    I'm working towards Stinger Veteran at the moment so it pains me to use a gun on a chopper, but I'm doing it more and more because of the issues we are having and flares are irrelevant to a gun...


    If a chopper is close, then I'll always go Stinger, but if it's gonna drop a pair of flares, than sometimes I'll go with the gun...


    Quick tip: Shoot a chopper with your gun before you Stinger it and you will get double XP for the kill...