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Lag Compensation Is NOT the Problem!

           I'll say it again, LAG COMPENSATION IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Get it? The newest, least understood, and least talked about "feature" is the problem. I'm referring to "Weigthed Matchmaking". People of similar stats are pitted against each other. Why is this a problem? Players are lummped together by statisics (I'd believe KD being the primary factor). The better your stats, the widder an area the matchmaking has to search to find similar stats. The further the opponent, the higher the ping. The higher the ping, the worse lag compensation gets.

          My KD was at 2.1 @ ~20000 kills. It's currently 1.85 @ ~30000 kills. Hellava swing I'd say. During this period, and up to this posting, I haven't been put in a sub 100ms lobby. "Weighted Matchmaking" is having to search far and wide to put me in a lobby of my "peers". Half the people in the room jump and jitter around, the other half have a hitbox 10 feet behind the corner they just turned...

           I made a second profile and played like poopy to get a .49 KD and guess what? Yup, sub 50ms ping games out the wazoo. Everyone in the room had sub 1.0 KD except one he was around 1.2. Don't listen to me, see for yourself. Start a second profile, you'll see...

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    I am not sure that I agree.  When I am looking for a match, I back out if the ping goes over 100ms.  Sometimes it takes a while to find a match.  But when I do get into a match there it no Weighted Matchmaking.  Plus, I have a 1.02 kd and there are pleanty of times that I get into a match with someone with a 2.0+ or higher. 

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    The devs can barely put together a system to do location based matchmaking... how the hell would they be able to put together a rank based system?

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    1.02 puts you squarely in the 50th percentile. You will not see any effects from weighted matchmaking.

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    So you are claiming you have been matched with other people over 2.0 kdr, and that to get these matches, you are always in 100ms or better ping?  Maybe your kdr dropped because you are competing against better players?  Just a thought. 


    I personally don't think they matchmake based on kdr, although it would be a nice idea.

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    I'm going by what has been published. As per IW and Activision this is an operational feature. Create a second account, play only with the riot shield, and observe your ping times.

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    My K/D is 2.13  and most of the time I am put into lobbies where the nearest K/D is 1.8 or so. I don't know if I fully agree with your statement because then I would be put against people with high K/d's. I'm in Chicago, use PS3 and I have been experiencing very little lag since the last patch. This game is so unpredictable.

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    100ms +, which would be worse pings. My primary account (the one presently @ 1.85 kd) will not be put into a lobby under 100ms. The test account I made and played for a few hours on (.49 kd) gets sub 50ms pings every try. My kd dropped for two reasons; 1) yes I'm playing better players, 2) those players are further away and create problems with the lag compensation "feature".

    The network should be optimised for speed, continuity, and level play. Saying a player can't play in one lobby because of any stat is pandering to the crap players.

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    Then why is it that when I watch a kill cam of me dying, it shows me just running by the guy and getting hit when in fact I had him in my sights and shot half a clip at the guy then I died.  I just don't get it.  To many factors at play here.


    There's more then one reason this game has issues and I'm sure that's one of them but it's not why I made shots at a guy to then watch his kill cam showing me having never drawn my weapon and running by like I never saw him.  Same with the around the corner kills, on my screen on I'm hidden, on theirs I'm running around it (that famous 1 second delay thing).

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    Mathematically, the average player is BELOW 1.0 kd. You are being put into lobbies with like players. On a bell curve the difference between 1.8 and 2.1 is statistically minimal.

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