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  • 10. Re: Your opinion of Support.

    In my opinion the Support Strike Package is a good thing to use. The Support Strike Package should be mostly used for rushing situations like when you are playing in small maps as Dome. Most of the players in Mw3 are saying that the support package is for people who is starting to play this game. (newbies)


    But finally, I only use this strike package when using snipers.( i don't do this a lot)

  • 11. Re: Your opinion of Support.

    i love support its great for objective players like myself

  • 12. Re: Your opinion of Support.

    The Recon Jug is terrible. You'd be better off using the Escort Airdrop.

  • 13. Re: Your opinion of Support.

    Naw man i love the recon jugg it's great for Groundwars Dom now the escort airdrop i don't like i tried it serval times it gets shot down too easy sometimes i don't even get any crates

  • 14. Re: Your opinion of Support.

    I know that bad players aren't the only one's that use support, it is just the main argument that everyone uses. If he takes out the Pave Low that's the way it goes. If someone gets kills and gets an EMP, it isn't fair because he's negative. If someone shoots it down in two seconds and they're 0-12, it isn't fair. You aren't guaranteed anything by getting streaks if you were they would make it so that you couldn't take them out.

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    I have to go with scolia on that one. there's way of knowing if your to get anything better than an IMS, at least you always know you'll get a jugg

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    If they gave you a five-seven instead of the USP, it'd be a little better, but I shred recon jugs with akimbo FMG9s because the recoil on the USP makes most of their shots miss unless i'm point blank range with them.

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    the escort air drop is great for the 3rd round in demo just drop the marker on top of the bomb site

  • 18. Re: Your opinion of Support.

    When you look at support versus assault you have to rack up at least 12 kills to get anything decent. If you use assault and add hardline pro you get get care packages and predator missiles easy. I have had up to 6 predator missiles in 1 game by using assault and hardline pro and get alot of kills this way. But i prefer support as it rewards the player who plays defensively but is not always as good a shot. And the way this game is out of sync with kills is another good reason for using support.

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    Basically I look at it this way:


    If you use Assault, you have to string kills together and if you do so, you are rewarded with highly rewarding, highly offensive streaks. If you're using Support, you don't have to worry about dieing to maintain the ability to get streaks. This comes at the price of almost no offensive streaks and very few self rewarding streaks. They are more team oriented and defensive streaks (with exception of the Stealth Bomber) while the Assault is much more self rewarding.

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