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    When support was created, its main purpose, created by the devs, was to give more rewards to Objective Players, and in Team Deathmatch, offer players a choice, in terms of the role they play.  I like support, because I like to help others, more than helping myself via Recon Drones and Vests.  It's fine and dandy--in Team Deathmatch...


    Now for objective games, this is where I disagree with Support.  The biggest gripe I had, was how it was such a insignificant small step towards rewarding us objective players. 


    Unless I'm in a party, I am often the ONLY person, who's role in the match, is the most pivotal one of all--my role, is the play objectively, and thus, help win our matches most often, at the cost of dying more often.  And for my efforts, I should only be rewarded with...UAVs?  Sam Turrets?  Meanwhile, farm killers go on playing objective games like extended Team Deathmatches, while IGNORING objectives.  Yet, THEY get the best rewards?


    Lastly, I believe that both Assault and Support should co-exist as one.  We should have the choice to go Assault, Support, or a mixture of both.  The major change, is how we are rewarded.  I made a thread about my idea a while ago, and while not all is easy to explain, the main concept is there.






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    deucedouglas wrote:


    Either way, you can only shoot down so much stuff. You can get zero kills and shoot down ten things and you get a recon drone, oh boy. Or you could shoot down two UAV's, destroy an IMS and possibly get an Assault Juggernaut or an Osprey Gunner from a care package.

    Actually if you are getting killed between each thing being shot down then there's pretty much an endless supply of stuff to destroy.  Also care packages are a different story.  I don't think they should be in the game in their current form because there is no ammo like in previous games.  Even with your care package example the guy didn't give the other team pointstreaks in the process by dying repeatedly.

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    Exactly.  One class that has both assault and support just like in every other game except reward people more for playing the objective.  No need for the welfare system.

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    I like the idea of support point streaks but it can get annoying. When I play a team where everyone is running stealth bombers and emps, it gets old really fast. The EMP lasts too long, and the stealth bomber is way too lethal for a killstreak that 6 people can easily earn in one game.

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    Its like everything else in Call of Duty. It's not bad in itself... the community exploits and abuses it and make people hate it.

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    The Support Strike Package is a welfare system.

    I have a KD of .88

    I am no where near good at this game.

    If playing objective based game modes is your thing then KD shouldn't really matter to you. If you aren't good enough to balance a good KD and play the objective accept it.

    If you want to cushion your KD go play a few hours of camping in either Infected or Drop Zone. These two game modes affecting KD in itself makes KD in MW3 a worthless statistic.

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    Infected in general makes everything it affects a worthless statistic.


    I'd like to see someone going negative in w/l when playing infected.

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    Used the support package for about a week after the game came out maybe less and havent used it since(except for the odd daily challenge).Just dont like using it since I play FFA I dont have a team to support anyway.What I dont like about support is the fact that it can KILL its as if every other game someone using it will get a x2 or x3 kill when the stealth bomber comes over.Ive been killed in buildings etc or if Im to close the slo mo affect can get me killed as I cant move and the other player can this has happened countless times.

        Support should only be about support UAVs Drones etc not a powerful kill streak the stealth bomber is more powerful than an air strike whats with that the should tone down the stealth and vamp the strike.

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    Support is fine as it is. It is frowned up on cause it is "easy" to get. But it is prob more effective then assault.

    Hell a 4 man team that knows what they are doing running support is way more annoying then a 4 man team running assault.

    I do use it, especially playing against a group of campers going for there high streaks. Love to lay a stealth bomber on them and EMP there high streaks out of the air.


    I would recommend new players to use support killstreaks there whole first prestige. No worries about getting that last kill for a pred or that specialist bonus. Just getting to know the maps, the guns, the routes. And on top of that, still feel usefull cause you can contribute to the team.


    My brother uses it a lot, he goes hard for the objective so hardly ever stays alive for more then 3-4 kills. He is in no means a bad player, but this way he feels he can go focus on the objective more.

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    well, thanks activision for this game but most of players need offline multiplayer with BOTS

    please.this will develop our skills in online.i love multiplayer in black ops because i got training with bots then go to the real fight.