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questions for CoD veterans, especially those on the hd consoles


Bare with my complaints before my questions:


MW3 on the Wii is still broken due to lag compensation. The Wii kids don't realize that if you don't descriminate against where you're clanmates play from your pings will likely be completely ridiculous. MW3 enforces their poor ping on the entire lobby making this game unplayable as soon as a party enters. A single 2 bar player ruins the game and lag is still noticable unless at least 3/4 of the lobby has 4 bars (the remainder having at least 3). Because of parties this 4 bar scenario rarely occurs.


As the game exists the most effective strategy is to lay down a portable radar and upon seeing a red dot making sure you turn the corner before your opponent does. Because of lag (whether this is due to the inevitable reality of high ping or is something intentionally enforced on other players) you can unload half a magazine into someone before they even have a chance to respond. It is not unusual on the Wii to die... wait... AND THEN see your oppenent turn the corner and fire into you.


Something is broken. 3 bar lobbies need to be at least playable and there should be an option to disallow parties with pathetic pings from entering your lobby.



My questions:


I know I'm not the first to complain about lag compensation and I know that the other consoles have had patches addressing it. Has this fixed the gameplay? Is there a chance that Wii CoD can be salvaged?


Also, this is my first CoD. Has lag always been such a problem? I have a hard time believing this series became as popular as it is with the state of play I'm seeing.