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Did you see a cheater tonight? Post their name here.

Did you see a cheater tonight? Post their name here. Tonight, like every night I saw a handful of hackers. Aimbotters, boosters, exploiters and other (lag compensation exploiters and such). Don't bash them, just put their name in and say what they did. MYSELF tonight I played against a "duo" team who were boosting. One was an aimbot and the other didn't seem to be running it. I was #1 for around 9 rounds. These two showed up and they started boosting to get moab. They won 2 rounds and I told them "reported". They froze and sucked the 3 rounds after that. Which was consistant with their profiles. I was glad informing they were reported worked and they turned it off. Later I had ANOTHER duo show up. They didn't have matching clan names but again, a booster duo. The win replay showed them two boosting over a flare, getting MOAB. After telling them they were reported they said, "So what". I wondered why they so busted and didn't care. After that round they had a locked focus on me, both of them. Every kill cam I watched their gun whipped around to the "you", which is me. They would follow the, "you" and spinny spinny head shot me. One had spinny issues once and kept spinning like crazy. (Spinning is the easiest way to spot an aimbot hacker). They both had a way of stalking me. If I layed in a far corner, they would come and find me. If I ran, they would find me. I just broke the 10k mark in FFA and have a 1.20 K/D ratio, yet it is getting better fast. I've been world ranked top ten in several games. These guys were obviously hacking and got away with it. I couldn't turn the cam on during the gaming process because it isnt an option. In fact....one of them is in a "top clan".....DATSRIGHTIMBEAST is in the #7 clan inCK. i-_MACKK was his partner and isn't in the same clan. I hope they get busted. I love competition, but I hate sissy hackers.