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suppressor/ silencer obsession

I feel bad....

I feel bad because more than half my classes have a supressed weapon on it. That attachment is just so good! Especially on high range weapons such as the MK14 (M14 EBR whatever you want to call it). It's like an obsession! Not being seen on enemy radar just removes the fear of detection from enemy. It's gotten to the point that sometimes when I'm isolated in a corner of the map and that I fire an unsupressed weapon I get paranoid, I start imagining unexisting threats out of every corner. It's a bit the same when the enemy gets a UAV, I don't have assasin and I'm without teamate support.


Anyways thanks for reading.

I hope you didn't jump to conclusions and think that I'm mentality defective!

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    Most of mine are also. I always try to get in the enemies spawn. I want to kill them all without the knowing. I dont notice that much of a difference in range drop and I dont like sights. So its pretty much the only thing that I find helpful until xmags.

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      you should try the noob tu.... I mean the pro pipe, it really is quite fun in this game to use.


      Do a class like:


      Primary: Any weapon that can attach a GL

      Secondary: M302 or XM25 ( I prefer the first one, it acts in a much more familiar way)


      Perk 1: Sleight of Hand (Pro)

      Perk 2 and 3: doesn't matter



      On top of everything people can't call GLs OP like they were before considering how IW/Sledgehammer nerfed them. Still they really are quite entertaining to use

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    I use the silencer a lot in this game. Mainly because stealth is so important the way I play. The drop off had to ignore when I use guns like the MK14 and AS50. On full autos like any SMG and the ACR I find the drop off a non-factor as the firing rate nulls any significant effect

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      on snipers definitely, I think it actually reduces overall damage (oh no, it actually removes certain body multipliers that allow them to be 1 hit kill). However for the MK14, considering it's semi-auto and has super long range which is more than enough for most maps (it still works on liberation, rarely ever had to land a 3rd consecutive shot on someone in the open)

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        I've stopped using the silencer on snipers, it's just not worth it. I've gotten 3hit markers before with a suppressed sniper and that's when I gave up.


        I too believe that suppressors dull damage, mainly because at all ranges I've noticed the effects. Just today I had to shoot a guy 4x in order to kill him. All shots where upper body and within 10ft

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          Their are 2 ways to look at the drop on damage on a sniper. You can look at it as it reduces the multipliers. Or that it drops by 20 damage. Not sure how they factor it now. It used to be a 20 damage drop.

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            However you look at it, whatever is supposed to be isnt.


            According to sats they should never be more than a 2 hit kill, but I've had plenty of times I'd put 3 or 4 hits on someone with a rsass or as50 without a kill.


            In mw2 I about crapped myself .......... I got my perfectionist title with the m21 ....... on one enemy without killing him. ........ I got so digusted I jumped from my perch, ran across the map and knifed the guy.


               But this is also the reason I use the rifles I do. Silencer and a high rof and a triple tap habit ( 5 if I feel I need it)



               But anyhow .... Im a big fan of silencers too ..... and assasin.

               I have paranoia issues ... lol.

               And the main thing about assasin is the no red gt.......... without assasin pro I just feel like I'm on a stage with a big spotlight shining on me.

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    Yeah, over 90% of weapons I see people use seem have a suppressor on them.


    Suppressors either lower the overall damage of a weapon while some only seem to affect damage at range (less distance before damage drop off kicks in).


    I've never bothered using suppressors on Snipers for that reason.


    I've also been using weapons more often without suppressors (and then sometimes testing them with) and finding that I tend to get kills faster and/or more effectively than when I did with them, either in general and/or at range.


    Unfortunately, with the higher base damage and/or high rate of fire the most commonly seen weapons I see used have coupled with frequent gun battles, the differences aren't TOO noticeable unless you actually pay attention and such.

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    I use a silencer on almost all my classes. The thing I find about silencers is that they allow me to flank and shoot more frequently. I'm pretty much safe from red dot chasers, and I find the earlier damage drop off not s huge deal

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    I use the CM901, so therefore a sliencer would ruin it. I stay back behind objects and wait for them to come to me, from there I can pretty much control A/C and B depending on where i'm standing.

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    I too am obsessed with silencer, every main gun I use has it on. As soon as it is unlocked I pop it straight on, the gun does not seem right without on too loud and too much flash.

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    Yeah, you feel cheap for a reason. All silenced guns should do -5 base damage next to the range drop they have now. Having that kind of stealth is a very big advantage. This said, it can be a hitmarker fest with a silencer on as it is, but that’s lag and many would argue you can’t bring lag to a balance discussion. I would agree with that, but lagvantage is a bigger issue in this game than the silencers themselves. Lag is the only thing balancing the T95 in core.

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    Totally agree with OP.. I run the MK14 with Silencer and Acog..

    Just for some difference went into a game with just the MK14 and extended mags.. the noise difference with every shot I took felt like I was just shouting to be killed... could stand it.. had to change back after a min or two..

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    RSASS silenced and with variable scope has to be one of the best weapons once you get used to the hitmarkers

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    With silencer = slower kill.

    Without silencer = faster kill but seen on radar.


    Depending on the map I use a silencer or not. Most assault rifles have silencers, most SM don't,


    You do run dead silence then with your silencer class? Otherwise people can still hear you coming. And if you have anybody decent with you, they will notice the white skulls.

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    No I wouldn't dare think you have some mental issue because corner hugging paranoia is completely normal!

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    I have started going in the opposite direction.  I am using silenced weapons less then I did when the game first came out.


    In Black Ops I played TD mostly and used silencers with decoys to clear an area of red dot chasers.


    In MW3 I play KC mostly and since I'm constantly moving to pick up tags, I am hardly ever in the same place as where my red dot last appeared.

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    I used to run with a silencer 95% of the time.  That was b/c I was playing CORE.  Then I moved to HC and really only use the silencer to level up my weapon faster.  Once the challenge is complete I move on. 


    If playing CORE than I will throw a silencer back on, but that is b/c of all the mini-map watchers.

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    well i use the silencer in all of my classes , but 1 my "run and gun" class that i use a type95 and i use it for dome only .. but i just prestiged so no silencer so i am having to play with the default and am using the grenadier and i am struggling and i know it is because i dont have a silencer and everytime i kill someone i am getting killed from the side or from the back because i am giving my position away . .. thats is what i love about the silencer is i am able to kill someone literaly right next to a team mate and they not even notice half the time ..

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    I like using the silencer on my MK14 with acog sight seems just as good as a sniper rifle but is not as long as sniper rifle

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    Souding dumb here, but i dont use suppressors on all my weapons as i just like the sound of the weapon being fired. Esp the Type 95,Scar and P90 as well as most of the snipers.

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    I tried to make a class for my friend who plays similar.  I tried to switch him to kick and extended mags with sleight of hand, quickdraw, and stalker.  He was doing alright but was too paranoid about being seen and it messed with his head to where he eventually switched back.  Curious how that works.

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    I use a silencer on pretty much all ar's and smg's.  To me on most guns it's just the best weapon attachment choice.  About the only gun I don't lik eit on is the ump45.  It seems to affect it more than others.

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    Yeah, there is that underlining fear people tend to have that showing up on radar for even a split second equals quick death, hence why UAVs and all may as well be OP. Only time I find it to be somewhat true is Recon Drone tagging, but otherwise, not really.