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Sick of playing SOLO


So, the title says it all. 


I would like to find some people to play with.  I am done playing with randoms all the time.  I don't want to join a clan or anything, just find some normal soldiers who are on a lot and love to kick ass.  I only play HC game modes but I am ok with playing CORE as well (just not as much).  My favorite modes are kill confirmed & dom but I am willing to play any mode.  I mostly play during the week, Noon-6p (MST), and on weekends.  I'll be on today at that time!


I am definitely an above average player, more kills than deaths & more wins than losses but I am no king killer, though I do have my moments.  Been playing since MW2 but most of the people I played MW2 and BLOPS with have not seemed to jump on the MW3 train or they are never on when I am.  So here I am, asking the community for some friends to kick ass with.


Anybody down??  My psn is the same as my name here: wridtrvlr


Questions?  Comments?