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    I believe the real problem is Lag Compensation+Auto-Aim. When Auto-Aim is trying to shoot what your system see's, Lag compensation is making that person wherever he/she is fit for that server.

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    complete and utter bulshit , ive gt a 3kd and 9 winloss and , i always play shitty ppl wiv 1 kds , and 0,sumimit winlosses

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    I have to agree with you on this one, I have on many occassions being playing solo and matched with people with higher than KD 1.50. Also if my ping goes higher than 100ms I back and try again and usually I get into 50ms or 75ms on the second attempt.

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    drunkndennys wrote:


    Speaking of MW2, whatever happened to the "player animation index out of range" error? You know, when someones lag was so bad they were glitching across the screen disrupting the game for everyone. Where did that go? I'll tell ya where. It's in the garbage, because if MW3 had it from the start you wouldn't be able to finish a game, everyone would be kicked.

    That was from people trying to glitch, or do some kindof exploit. Or either the host did a very naughty thing.

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    Was this evidence?


    Because I would imagine that 75% or more gamers fall into the 0.25 to 1.44 bracket for K/D ratio so how is it that a range of 750 people in 1000 makes up a group of "similiar" K/Ds?


    Furthermore, I'm a 2.15 K/D and have never ever looked at a lobby leaderboard without seeing  several below 1.00... I've looked hundreds of times, so how does your K/D matchmaking theory occur here?


    I'll agree that the matchmaking system is awful, but the statistics do not imply that people are purely matched with "like" K/Ds.

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    i don't think mw3 uses ranked based servers (where you get pitted against other people with statistics), as someone said earleir it is most likely region based match making, drunkens my theory behind you experiment is that well you basically believe in your idea so much that you thiunk it is true, im not trying to troll or anything im just saying that mbaye your jumping to conclusions,


    also those pictures you sent before of the kdr's of the players in your lobby dont prove anything, you should know to do a proper experiement there should be no one sided arguements, you are biased and so those pictures you have sent could be a selected few you want us to see, we can not know for sure if you played 100 games with a ping of 50, then played only 3 or 4 games with a ping higher than 100, so again the evidence of your pictures doesn't prove anything. also even if they are not bias (which i am assuming they are not bias) they still dont prove anything, i mean the average kdr is between .7 and 1.3 (i could be wrong), also just because that profile that has a kdr with less than one is put into a lobby with other people with a similair kdr does not prove a thing as ur kdr is within the average it doesnt mean a thing, i mean all those pictures show is that your profile has a kdr of .89 and is put in a lobby with players that have a similair kdr, but all of those kdr are within the average of an average kdr of a player, so effectively those pictures don't help your case as it doesnt prove anything.


    now no game is pefect every game has their problems, mw3 does have some issues with lag, but for the majority of people (from what i have heard) the lag in this game isn't too bad, again i have a few friends whom play a cod, and it's onky every now to then where there is lag issues


    one thing i can agree on tho is that lag compensation isn't a big problem, it's a minor problem

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    I've read many threads on lag comp and what I've noticed is the people that are not hit with it feel it's not a problem and those of us hit with it ( like me ) know that is is a problem. If you don't think it's a problem go to youtube and type in lag compensation and you will see many videos showing and explaining what it is and does.

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    drunkndennys wrote:


    Then please describe what the word "weighted" is doing before "matchmaking", oh all knowledgable one. Refute my results with your own experiment. Check out the pictures. Post some logic before blindly following the herd. On a completely different topic, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

    I think you might find im am pretty knowledgable on this sort of stuff


    Weighted ,merely refers to what parameters are used in what order when the game sends a request to PSN/XBL for matchmaking. The problem here is you misunderstood a commonly used developer word (weighted) for example in a playlist a "wieghted map" would appear more in the rotation .

    This game does not as I said nor has any previous cod used any sort of truskill system in matchmaking, whatever results you are getting or think you are getting are just conincidental. Not that k/d is any indication of skill at all it would be about as accurate as matchmaking via how many vowels someone had in their name as a measure of "skill"


    If you want to continue beleiving your theory go ahead but honestly you are completely wrong (although i doubt you will believe anyone)

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    Don't believe anything maccabi says, him and I go back and forth and he only wins 50% of the time.  5hit, I agree with him on this.......awwweee crap

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    Matchmaking has absolutely NOTHING to do w/ KDR and everythig to do w/ network connection. On PS3 I can connect to <50ms ping lobbies all day and I'm a 1.9KDR.  On XBox I can barely get into <100 ping lobbies and I'm a 1.7 on that console.  When I check the KDR's of the folks in my lobbies it ranges from .5 to 2.5 in any given match.

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