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what ever happen to gamesmanship.... i honestly thought it was dead however after last night i see it still lives just not enough... trash talk is ok but only when its all in good fun not the kid like yo mamma jokes....


i mean i played a few clans/groups last night in tdm and after the game was over all they could do was talk trash because they won the match even tho i went 30-9 no camping the rest of my team just couldnt kill a thing...


anyway in the lobby i tried to tell these guys that the only reason it was so easy for me to kill them was because they ran the sam routes the whole game and once i saw it i tore them apart...


then in the very next game the same thing i saw what they were gonna do and just ripped into them but instead of admitting i was a good player all i heard was that i was garbage...


yet im at the top of the leader board and they barely went positive.... even worse they had a guy on our team giving them free kills and he started trash talking as if he was some great player...


i just couldnt figure it out... so i got offline and had dinner hoped back on and played a few rounds and this one guy i kept killing messaged me we chatted back and forth  between the games about each others game play and it was fun, cool, and respectful....


at the end of my session i tld him good game he said the same and i got a new friend on my list... even tho i killed him almost everytime he was cool no foul mouth rants just ima get you back which he did in a later game...


i honestly dont know why online in c.o.d. mainly trash talk is so terrible... when i was on xbox it wasnt this bad  playing halo which was where i spent most of my online time before switching to ps3... so someone please tell me why good gamesmanship is almost dead?

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    Maybe they're better on Halo, but on CoD it's just as bad whether you play PS3 or Xbox 360. It's become part of the Call of Duty cultrure for a lot of people which is sad. However I've found that by simply not getting baited by the antagonist online and staying civil you end up finding like minded gamers, they're just not quite as  ...shall we say,"vocal" as the damn brats that play this game.

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    I dont know but you even cop it when your doing well you can string a few good games together and still have to hear it or even in a msg im in a clan and we dont give it at all we actualy meet some good people on there hey if you like add me my psn is PJNUDO

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    when trash talking you never admit your wrong especially on the interwebs

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      yes thats true but i never pick on people i might make a comment like "come on (insert name here) 1-30, u cant be serious bro" i try not to make an ass of my self... but i will call u out if our whole team is on a flag and were down 2 flags best believe im livid... but for the most part people seem to love the yo mama jokes instead of talking about stats or gameplay... i personally will let a guy know if i feel he bested me legit no lag... im fine with that

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    Gamesmanship, along with capitalization, has gone the way of the dodo.

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    Someone once messaged me;


    Dude, you're fckin Awesome..

    Well it was in Spanish and my Spanish isn't that good, but I believe he was praising me saying something like that.


    Hate mail can be fun too. I enjoy it. It generally means I'm doing fckin Awesome and raping that dude so much he needed to message me.

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      I have around 50 messages stored across all PS3 online CODs, but mostly from WAW, MW2 and BOps, 1 was "NICELY PLAYED", the other 50 or so are "CAMPING *****" etc.


      For me the real meanings are as so:


      NICELY PLAYED = positive vibes, respect & online friend chance

      CAMPING ***** = u irritated me a lot by killing me (so, u played well)

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    it is hard to have gamesmanship when lag or lag comp shafts you up the arse. if i think someone gets a great shot on me i will say so on the death chat.


    but if they are sat in there little corner with a tent and marshmellows, then i will tell them i am coming and i put on my c4 rpg class lol.but there are a few who say good shot or whatever in death chat...


    got to say best thing ever is the death chat lol. but i think lag ops and mw3 have made it into a very angry game with the heavy handed lag comp.nice idea but we are not living in old russia we are all the same bull crap. we are not all the same and they should stop trying to make the connection all the same.

    it wont work. people then get pissed off with the deaths. so they take it out on the people in the game.....some of the things people say now are nasty. and to me thats just pure frustration of the game. i think most play the game hoping for a laugh and some good gaming.


    and if they dont get that then the anger pops out.i think if anyone made a game similar to cod but with the connection issues mostly gone. it would cost cod a lot of fans.

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      You made a solid point there, the people in the online COD community have grown to become ragers, rather than aspire to be ragers.


      To put it another way, busy stressful road traffic systems are to ROAD RAGE what connectivity issues, matchmaking and lag compensation is to COD RAGE.


      The first 2 CODs were beautiful and on WAW, if someone took me down (ever) I would see that as a challenge and an adversary.


      MW2 put the trash into the game, so there was some noob raging (lunge, noobtube, QS, etc.).


      However, it wasn't until BOps and (yet worse still) MW3 that I became legitimately bothered, then frustrated and finally mad with fury do to lag (oh and spawns).

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    Its how it is! Very few will admit that you outplayed them or that they suck, correction NONE will. Being called a camper, garbage, try hard, etc are common moronic words that are used as excuses for lack of playing style. It happens bro.

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    I feel the same way as you do. It seems gamesmanship is slowly going away. I play to win but we all know we can't win them all. when the team i'm up against plays out plays us and win i have no problem telling them good job. What i get in return isn't thanks it's "you guys fu*king suck". I was in one game of domination and the team i was on wasn't that good and i was having a lucky game (i went 30-8 with 8 caps) we lost by 50 points all the other team could do is yell how they kicked our ass.

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    I have it. Yet I know you are probably all shocked to hear that I do. I know Im an @ss on here but if your good and I respect you playstyle I will throw you a friend req and a gg. Just dont let me catch you in a corner everytime. About a couple weeks ago I met this beast in a game. We both were solo and each was dropping 25+ kills and 5ish deaths. He just couldnt get the better of me and didnt get a W but he still beasted.

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    I would've talked trash to you too. Congrats, you went 30-9, what did that get you though? A loss. If you were so good and this other team was so easy to beat,  you would've done so.


    I hate when kids sit in the lobby after a loss and blame everything on their teammates. How about you shut your mouth, and tip your hat to them for a good team performance. If you play team based games, and lose, you should be the one congratulating them.

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      not sure if u read correctly they started the trash talk... & this was tdm 30-9 aint godly but it aint bad... their scores weren't great just kinda average 18-16 was the best score and the rest of the scores on their side were about the same or worse..


      they could only **** my random team mates other than that they were pretty easy to kill... the problem was for some odd reason the other players on my team couldn't seem to figure out they all like certain spots on the map and were easy to pick of...


      even the reaction time of these guys were just god awful... at first i thought lag was on my side but it wasn't they just weren't that good but as a team they could clutch out wins...


      and yes in tdm if i go 30-9 and no one else gets above 5 kills on my team then im sorry i have to place blame where it belongs.. i would rather have played 6v1 I've had to do in it black ops once or twice and i managed to come out ahead so im not afraid to play by myself i just don't like taking a loss to a team who isn't that great...


      and hell no i'm not tipping my hat to no one if they start acting like aholes about a win that wasn't really that great if i had at least 2 decent players the matches against them would have come out completely different...

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        Missed the part about them starting it, however I assume it went something like this


        Other team "We won, you guys suck"

        You "well my teammates suck and I'm super awesome, wah wah wah wah wah wah"



        30-9 is a good score, not questioning that. I had a game of Kill Confirmed recently where I went 51-7, yet my team lost. My team probably managed a total of 20 kills between the 5 of them, and everyone on the other team was just above or below a 1 K/D. They started the same crap in the lobby of "wow you guys are terrible" and my response was simply "good game, I wish I could've grabbed a few more tags"


        The blame falls on you just as much as it falls on your teammates, and you got beat. Doesn't matter if you went 74-1 and the rest of your team couldn't manage one kill, your team still lost. Like I said, tip your cap to the team that beat you and move on

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          no these guys just kept talking trash and couldnt admit i was better than them... even when some left and i was placed on there team all they could say was i want revenge put that dude on the other team...


          and even helping them win where i went 40-3 they still acted like i wasnt better than them i mean there scores were about the same every match barely even but because they could all pull the same scores and my teams couldnt pull even at least they won...


          the sad thing is if i had played them with my own group of friends it would have been no competition... and people like u make no sense...


          its like being in high school and having a school project thats a group project and being paired up with people who dont pull their own weight so u do all the work and still get a bad grade on the presentation because the others didnt do anything so they knew nothing and it showed...


          im all for team play but when its tdm or kc i cant kill everyone well actually i have had some games like that but its hard to pull that much weight and have your mates not at least pick up something...


          however yes in some places if i had waited a half a second i could have continued a streak that might have turned the tide a little bit but thats a stretch...


          ... plus imo if i can go 27-4 tac knife only rushing and win a game then anyone with a gun can go positive... thats why i dont mind saying in some matches teammates are to blame

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      dlundebjerg28 wrote:


      If you play team based games, and lose, you should be the one congratulating them.


      The issue with a massive portion of the multiplayer population in CoD, is that many think that they are better at the game than they actually are. Many have tactics (like spawn camping the third flag, having half a dozen spots each map with good vantage points, etc) that allow them to do well, but in situations where those advantages are taken away or when the other team plays well enough to overcome the intelligence gap, they're unable to do well, at which point they yell and scream about teammates breaking protocol or ruining their strategy.


      The truth is that good players can do well in any situation, even triple caps, and can also tell from playing opposing players who is a good player, who is a smart player and who is just awful. I've been playing shooters since Doom and have been playing shooters online since the 56k era so I can tell whenever I get beaten by the better player, but it's amazing how often players on my team will refuse to admit that the enemies are just flat out better than they are.


      Edit - By "good" player, I mean one who has a quick aim, steady accuracy, etc. I don't mean to say that playing smart makes someone not "good".

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    Our Clan has a creed that requires members to respect friend and foe or your booted.


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    games-man-ship:the art or practice of winning games by questionable expedients without violating the rules

    :the use of ethically dubious methods to gain an objective


    sportsmanship:conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport (game)

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    I was in a few games last night with a group that was just tearing us apart.  But back in the lobby they'd always say good game and joke about the kills in a non-offensive way. 


    I'd rather play in those lobbies then play against someone who I'm beating but talks a lot of ****, plus sends me message after message about my mother's sexual activities.  I mean, come on!  My mom's not like that anymore...  >_>

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      I agree 100%.  I hate playing in lobbies against clans who talk non-stop trash.  I tend to play solo.  I can hold my own and can sometimes carry my team, but when I put up good numbers, but the rest of my team just can't compete it just adds insult to injury when the clan calls me out like I'm the reason we lost.  I don't like to talk trash while I play, so I'll usually change lobbies.  But if the clan is cool about it, I'll stick around to play against them, even if it means a losing streak because they make the game fun.

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    Too mant people lose sight of the fact these games are to have fun ,i couldnt care less what my KDR is what my win lose etc .I dont care how many time someone kills me .I have fun whatever happens .Only time ive ever sent messages is when i see people dropshotting for every kill ,even my own team