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Enough Handholding


The day needs to come when they simply stop holding our hands. By this I mean making "easy" weapons to use By this I mean Typ95, mp7, pp90m, acr , striker , and the snipers. These weapons are not OP they are simply easy as hell to use. What I want to see in the next cod is actual recoil on all guns, this hand holding **** with low recoil weapons or extremely high damage low recoil or what ever it may be needs to end. I want the next CoD to take skill, by this I do not mean all weapons do the same stats, but weapons atleast be balanced i.e weapons suck outside their designated rage.


All I ask is that the next cod do the following.


A.No deathsreaks NONE.

B.allow host to disallow weapons, it's their connection allow them to do as they please.

C.Have a mute ban, i.e no more ******* squeakers

D.some ******* recoil

F.Knife as a secondary,rifle butt melee(2hko)(knife 1hko)

G.No quick scoping, it's ******* retarded.\

H.anti camping system, mosquitos lower health 1% for every 10 seconds in an area (like bo d-1 and such)

I.No more assassin or UAVs, to much crying over both just remove them(unlikely but idgaf)

J.suck my **** *****


that is all.

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    A. Noob need to kill me somhow :\

    B. R u retarded?

    C. A mute ban WTF?

    D. If u put silencer and kick on mostly and gun has no recoil

    E. <--- Do u Know ur Alphabet?

    F. Knife stay as a offhand weapon god dam scrub

    G. Kill them Faster

    H. easy to kill people that camp

    I. R u retarded

    J. Scrub

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      A: Deathstrikes are not needed as FPS history shows

      B: Maybe somekind of public private match(like server browser) but for consoles

      C: I would be nice to see games enforcing age ratings

      D: Recoil and muzzel pull are lacking which is a bad thing

      E: Its the 5th letter

      F: why? It would make close quarter fights more gun based.

      G: Agreed but having snipers damage affected by range would be nice(making it gain damage as you shot at further ranges)

      H-J: agreed

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    If you want these things you should play Counter-Strike: Source or Battlefield 3 that has these things... CoD will probaly always be a bit noob friendly...

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    I would like to see the whole enemie team holding nothing but swords and the ability to dance around in a circle. While they are doing that, i will be killing them with a laser cannon.


    This game does take skill, why are it always the same players who get the topscores? Cause they have the knowledge and reactions to play this game slightly different then most of us.



    If you really want recoil etc. go play BF3.