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Tip for more kills


ive played fps shooters for over 20 years now and im surprised most players dont use one of the oldest tactics

straffing how come hardly anyone straffes in here

it improves my killls significantly

i spent most of my time on goldeneye running sideways lmao

if you straffe right or left in close quarter battles it will give you the advantage

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    Tip: Press R1 lol

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    I spent most of my time being crafty and placing proximity minds on the spawn points. Been an @hole in FPS since then. LOL





    I drop shot its much more effective with a high sensativity

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    When using default setup on PS3 I strafe, but now I've started using tactical I find drop shots are just as effective. Of course in mid to long range gun fire I still strafe

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    I strafe but when it's CQC time it is just easier to drop to the ground...

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    I strafe and/or dropshot but it is not fun in this game when the lag compensation allows an enemy to shoot where I WAS not where i am and get hit markers on thin air. Sometimes when I drop shot an enemy keeps shooting ABOVE me and still magically hits and kills me. The most npticeable is when you strafe/run around a corner and the enemy keeps shooting at the spot you were in last and kills you around the corner....If the enemy atleast shot at the cover you went behind it's not so bad...but most of the time if you watch the killcam he is shooting nothing and killing you.

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    I almost solely use SMGs and strafe all the time.  In a game with a good connection, I will own in CQC side-stepping, but with any lag, it becomes ineffective.  With lag issues still so prevalent in the game, you are often better off dropshotting or head-glitching.