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Solution to fixing Infection?


I have to say this has become my most played gametype the last few weeks. Infection is a quick and easy way to rank up, get wins and pad the K/D a little. It is also a good game type if you are running solo as to not destroy your W/L by relying on stupid greenies going 1-20 every game.


But there is becoming a huge problem this last week and it is getting real bad in the last 2 nights. It is not just the Scrubbs boosting for Moabs ( they are bad enough ). But it is parties blocking things off for one or two people now. Either it is for people to boost for MOABS or just to keep someone alive so everyone else takes a loss. It is happening multiple times nightly now. Where ever there is a place with no more than 2 entrance points and without a clear line of sight for a throwing knife, you will find people doing it.


So the only question i have, Is there a way to fix or prevent this?

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    Bank-shot knife.


    Move on.


    There is little else you can do.

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    yeah trolling needs to be added to the code of conduct for bans but even bans are a joke, start a new account, add some random data and you're right back at it. THE EASY FIX FOR YOUR PARTICULAR PROBLEM IS TO ALLOW PLAYERS FROM THE SAME TEAM TO PASS THROUGH EACH OTHER. This often happens already since lag compensation often makes 2 players visibly fill the same space from our perspective (but with different timestamps) but who knows if they will fix it come next patch? The other solution is to allow players from the same team to stab each other, which trolls are already doing by shooting our claymores and blowing up our C4 whenever we get close, personally I'd rather get to pick my classes, that way I could get a semtex and blow the troll up. we also need to prevent re-entry to the same lobby, for example, if I die I often rage quit then come back, yet when I get back I'm alive again in the same lobby. Another thing is, if you don't move you get kicked, some people just pick infected then go eat when they get home have racked up a ton of XP for nothing dying a million deaths.