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ELITE_pls help




Last 2 days things have changed


Now takes a longtime to get a multi Dom KC TDM game

When get a game always 100ms plus

Lots of lost connections to mw3 servers during finding games, match make, mid game and even end game score wrap up


Prior to this since release date did not have these issue all game 50 or 75ms


No change to set up my end noticed a rise in posts on the same matter.




PS lagging more than normal for me as well....may be a coincidence.

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    Oh yes following data may help



    Newcastle NSW Australia (250km north Sydney)

    90% Players are Australian 10% NZ

    NAT Open

    Play 99 % Dom tested on KC TDM same issue occurs

    Use static IP Ports Fwd


    Following avg 55 tests

    Ping 30ms interleaved 20ms non interleaved

    Down 13mbps Up 1bps

    Package loss 0

    IP Sydney Bigpond Testra Australia (largest and fastest provider)

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    Lag now not so bad.


    Still no 50, 75, 100 lobbies


    Long long time to get into a lobby with dlc on, a bit better with dlc off but still much longer than per pak 1 drop


    Losing connection to mw3 server or get lost Xbox live error 3/5 multi games. Note when loose xbl mid game I am still connected to xbl when check dashboard.


    Weird ?!