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Prestige 10 in only 3 hours of game play?

How long should it take for a player to Prestige? I have seen a player who played for 3 hours and already 10th Prestige. To me it's obvious that something is wrong there. But I want to know how long it should take for someone to Prestige 1. I have also seen where players have Prestiged numerous times with just over 100 hours. How long would it take to reach 10?

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    There is no real answer to it, some people have double xp, others play nothing but S&D, there's different game modes with  their own xp. There's too many variants to give an exact answer, one guy may take 12 hours, another could take forty hours, it really depends on how well you play, if you have double xp, what game modes you play in, how many different guns/perks/killlstreaks/equipment you use for their challenges. For me personally, I usually take 24 hours playing different game modes, when one game mode gets dull, or there's too many people camping hard I switch to another game mode. I find it a little faster to rank up if you play team defender with specialist on, just make sure your team has the flag and earn the specialist bonus, I've done that and for eight or so games I've had no less than 10,000xp, highest was just over 60,000xp. AS for tenth in only three hours,I would highly doubt it, even with all the HC and Community games you play.

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      From what I hear, Hacks and Modz have finally found their way back into the game. So it's entirely possible that someone might have used a challenge lobby or something. Fourzerotwo makes it sound that way anyway, by warning people not to join random private match invites.. which he would only do if there was a way to mod them.

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    I have heard that HC time does not show up on elite. So maybe they have just played a crap ton of HC, but what the others have said is true as well. Hacks have come back, so watch what kind of invites and what not you accept.

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    I am what I would consider to be an average player. It takes me about 20-30 game play hours (7-10 days) to complete each prestige with no double xp.


    Currently 283 hours played level 30 prestige 12 my average score per minute is right at 200 if that gives you an idea how long it takes to prestige.


    Edit also good point about HC I have also heard the time played does not show correctly

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    Why do people play S&D for XP (correction: for ANYTHING)? Not only is it a horrible game mode itself (30 seconds in and everyone's either camping or dead), but despite the amplified XP per kill you still don't get that much because there isn't that many people to kill.


    Just play Domination.  Blast Shield + silenced SMG + Smoke Grenade = almost guaranteed cap on any objective that the enemy isn't spawning by.  You get a lot more XP from both kills and caps and you actually have fun (I can't imagine that hiding in a corner scared that the enemy might come around and kill you before you have any time to react due to the horrible lag compensation is by any definition fun).

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    there is no exact answer for sure. depending on the game mode, it can take anywhere from 12-40 hours. also depends on how well a person does in matches, how many challenges they complete...

    and elite didn't keep track of hours played in hardcore or community playlists, so that could be a determining factor when you are wondering about whether or not a person got there legitimately.

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    Hard to tell. It takes me 1-2 weeks with about 6-7 hours of game play a week. I go hard when I play and complete tons of challenges and run specialist so I rank up quickly.


    As for guy you mention, he hack no doubt and so do a lot of people I'm running across. Level 12 and you have a golden guy? BanCandy

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    Im currently sitting at level 60 Prestige 5. Ive played 124 hours in total. 94 hours spent on TDM. 10 hours on Domination. 9 hours on Kill Confirmed. 11 hours on Other game modes.


    It takes me an average of 23 hours to prestige. I have used 2 prestige tokens on doublexp during my 124 hours of play.

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    takes me [if im using specialist (usually do)] and doing weapons masteries, takes me between 13-14 hours per prestige on domination. ireached 10th within 6 days gameplay, but slowed down to do assault streaks.


    as for SnD i can see the XP, but i find the game mode too boring, i tend to run and gun with shotguns/SMG's and all the camping on SND doesnt go with my style of play.